Sony has been working with Deviation Games on its new PlayStation-exclusive IP

Last week, Sony announced it had signed a deal with Deviation Games to make a brand new PlayStation IP - the second such deal Sony has announced in recent months.

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waverider39d ago

Its a studio with a good work force from other studios, but what are they creating?

ABizzel139d ago

Most likely a shooter considering their history. It's good to see developers band their money together and start making their own project, and get from under the publisher umbrella. It's a big risk especially if the game fails, but if the game takes off it's a huge reward.

phoenixwing39d ago

As long as they don't start having stocks and have to bow to shareholders. That's when things go downhill again.

waverider39d ago

yeah, it must. They got many staiff for Treyarch and Bungie and other.

zeuanimals39d ago

@phoenixwing: Worker co-ops FTW!

Army_of_Darkness39d ago

I think their new ip will fill the fps exclusive gap that Sony currently has, since resistance and killzone is on the back burner at the moment.

Rhythmattic38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Damn... I really miss the Mp of the 1st Resistance.... It was /, well still is in hindsight , one of my faves.

UltraNova38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Well, they can have a go at challenging COD...they certainly have the expertise. But let's be honest, no one amongst us wants that. I want to see them create their passion game, something fresh, like Respawn did with Titanfall.

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JEECE39d ago

I'd love to see a straightforward shooter. No BR, no season passes, no "operators" or "specialists" that unbalance the game until you pay for them, no "progression system" that artificially locks guns behind mtx and/or grinding. Just a real, early 2000s style shooter with balanced classes that you play because its fun, not because of shoehorned RPG leveling.

Of course, we won't get that, and I'm sure we'll get some combination of all the nonsense discussed above.

chiefJohn11739d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Try Halo lol pretty much only shooter that offer that. Which is why it's fanbase love it so much.....well one of many reasons. Fair equal balanced starts no BS

JEECE39d ago

Yeah I was reading where Halo Infinite's multiplayer is getting back to its roots. I can't believe we're getting to a world where I might think Halo is the best multiplayer option. The problem is I want that type of game in something less bullet spongy. Like Battlefield 1942 basically.

Class_Viceroy38d ago

Umm Halo is going live service so don’t know about this suggestion…..

1Victor39d ago

@jeece thanks for reminding me of Warhawk & starhawk 😢

JEECE39d ago

I miss that Sony so badly.

SullysCigar39d ago

And 'Black'. All about the guns, the shooting and destruction. That game was so refreshing at the time!

jukins38d ago

Warhawk yes!! Starhawk im iffy on but i also felt the majority of its short comings where technical limitations of the ps3

Yui_Suzumiya39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I just want more FPS's like BioShock, Half-life or Wolfenstein. Atomic Heart looks really interesting along with the upcoming System Shock remake. The PS3 Era had tons of games like these. They really Drop the ball last Gen though. I just want more lengthy, single player FPS's with a decent story.

JEECE39d ago

Deathloop looks like the closest thing you'll get on Playstation in the near future, and unfortunately it looks likely to be the last ever Arkane game on PlayStation systems.

chiefJohn11739d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Halo always been the best option. Try swat or breakout. Those Playlist have faster kill times. One thing that make Halo so great is that it has lots of Playlist. It has something for everyone

1Victor38d ago

@chief I know halo is fun but it can’t compare to the adrenaline rush of Warhawk and specially starhawk with the build drop on command I can tell you how awesome it was but it would fail to convey the feeling of been on foot and having a tank and 2 guys attacking you , you dropping 2 automatic torrent for the tank and kill the 2 guys with a RPG then wack the tank with the 🔧 and destroy it, or destroying a airplane coming hot to kill your tank with one shot, or snipping 2guys with one shot trying to get on a tank or killing the whole enemy team with orbital strike on Warhawk.
I could keep going on but unless you experienced it , it’s only words

chiefJohn11738d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Nah halo got that beat man nothing better than hijacking a ghost dodge a tanks missile jump off a ramp landing on the tank and planting a grenade and blowing it up. Then a banshee coming in to kill you and you pick up a Spartan laser and blow it to hell. Or picking up a sword with active camo and sneaking into a base and assassinate everyone in sight like a thief in the night

Abear2138d ago

I agree and hope the same. If you don’t want battle royale or cross play riddled with cheaters the choices are slim these days. Hopefully they bring back SOCOM with a great campaign.

JEECE38d ago

Unfortunately I'm afraid they'll just make a "me too" multiplayer offering that tries to be exactly like everything else already out there.

Abnor_Mal38d ago

If this game that Deviation is making turns out to be good, maybe Sony could task them with making a new Socom game.

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The_Sage39d ago

I would love to see a good realistic shooter. None of this running at 30 miles per hour jumping 3 feet in the air over and over while running jumping off roofs without getting hurt and crap like that.

JEECE39d ago

While we're at it, no magical abilities after you get a certain number of kills or deaths in a row.

DigitalDaniel39d ago

Enlisted is pretty decent and free to play on all platforms. Might want to check that out.

The_Sage39d ago

Thanks Digital. I'll give it a try.

neutralgamer199239d ago

Sony seems to be signing a lot of studios to do exclusives. Maybe this is their strategy since Sony in most cases will own the IP's

RaiderNation39d ago

It is. They simply cannot get into a bidding war over studios with MS. MS will win a war of attrition every time. Sonys strategy of forming partnerships with these talented upstart studios along with established 3rd party developers is smart.

neutralgamer199239d ago

It's not always money. Some companies rather sell to Sony over Ms because of the track record. Look at insomniac it cost Sony only 250+ million which is way under market value. And having these IP's will help in future

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