E3 2021 - Day 3

Official stream of Day 3 of E3 from the official YouTube channel.

Please note: moments of annoying advertising built into the stream. Hint: Verizon! Verizon! VERIZON!

Christopher1076d ago

I'm going to keep this pinned while it's streaming live and update the title for major showcase events. First one is at 10:15 PT / 1:15 ET for the Take-Two showcase event.

Aloymetal1076d ago

Capcom today and Nintendo tomorrow if I'm not mistaken, correct?

Christopher1076d ago

Yes. I updated the submission above to show today's important times. I'll post Day 4 video tomorrow with the same.

BigMalk1076d ago

I would like you to inbox me, please.

Inverno1076d ago

A small suggestion perhaps this type just shouldn't be allowed on the site? It's extremely one sided even if you're simply following guidelines to mark all comments speaking against this as "inappropriate". People are very vocal about this sort of stuff and protecting one side while stopping the other from expressing their opinions is only going to become much more of headache.
Seems to me the inappropriate are the things posted on this site and not the people who speak against them.
Idk what you can do about it but maybe the guidelines need some changes, not much of conversation can be had if everything is deemed inappropriate even when it's not

DOSemp1076d ago

ahhh great! More weirdo-blue-hair-zoomer-stuff in our games.

phoenixwing1076d ago

even though i'm pro lgbt i can't deny that they usually choose blue hair in characters to show how edgy/inclusive they are

RaiderNation1076d ago


I think they've added 3 or 4 more letters to this now. LOL.

gold_drake1076d ago

i dont think he even mentioned anything lgbt+ lol. just blue hair.

343_Guilty_Spark1076d ago


You're right!


CyberSentinel1076d ago

Who cares about gameplay and fun, as long as we have more "diversity" and "inclusion".

IanTH1076d ago

Wait, are you suggesting that adding diversity means removing fun? I mean, I've played plenty of games that don't focus on diversity/inclusion and aren't fun in the slightest. Doesn't seem to be an inextricable link between the two. Gotta say I'm lost on this one.

CyberSentinel1076d ago

The bottom line is, I don’t care about the “diversity” of the developers, or the “inclusion” of a games characters. I don’t want to hear about “social correctness” in my games, they can keep their virtual signaling marketing to themselves.

Andrew3361076d ago

Wtf is this trash on right now?

Palitera1076d ago ShowReplies(2)
SurgicalMenace1076d ago

I can see if there was some widespread outcry for inclusion in video games throughout history, but all of this seems very opportunistic and conveniently placed.🤷🏾‍♂️

Yui_Suzumiya1076d ago

Yet I speak on my admiration for lolis and everyone grabs their pitchforks, lol

1076d ago
-Foxtrot1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

Turned it on

First thing they were going on was representation

Now they are talking about girl only spaces and why it's needed, despite the fact the industry has never NOT included people of a certain gender. Do these people think there's a "no entry for girls" sign when they go to sign up to do video game development courses at Universities? Maybe most women just aren't interested.

Do people like to make bigger deals out of these things because they get to go up on their high horse and feel powerful, a knight in shining armour, saving the day.

If you try and be more inclusive and you can end up making things worse

neutralgamer19921076d ago

It's fine social media/me too cancel culture era bro. Don't you know women haven't been lead directors of any games in history(🤪) they weren't leading world wide studios as president/CEO's

Being a male today's world it seems is a disadvantage 😏🙄. I am all for people get what they deserve/work for but not just hand them a job because of their gender like Sony Santa Monica did with that YouTube pierce (only because she knew Cory barlog)

1076d ago
gamer78041076d ago

While I agree it should be merit based, a lot of getting a job is who you know, that could push you passed equally qualified candidates which is fair game IMO, utilize your connections as well as qualifications.

Fiddlerblue1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )


As someone who has worked in the industry, I can tell you that a lot of getting an INTERVIEW is who you know. Beyond that though, you're on your own, especially in the AAA space. Tens to hundreds of millions of dollars get poured into these projects and a lot of interviewees have to go through multiple interviews from multiple people across multiple days from which they all have to agree to bring you on. They don't bring on just anybody and even Cory Barlog has bosses he has to answer to for these things.

gamer78041076d ago

Right you don’t foster inclusion by excluding people. It’s just a fact that most women aren’t as interested (in general) in programming than males. And that’s not a bad thing, men in general are more interested in things and women are more interested in people. That’s why you see more women in fields where they can spend time with people such as nursing k-12 education, etc. this is why you see the difference in industry makeup.

-Foxtrot1076d ago

Yeah that's right

When you have people like these guys or projects set up to get more young women into video game development courses at Universities then you are literally going out there to force something to happen

If someone was going to get into the video game industry then they will, there's no sign telling them not to or disadvantage against women for getting into these courses, it's fair game and if hypothetically there's a class of 30, with 20-24 of them being males then that's just how it is. This is why the industry comes off as male dominated, because more men have went to University to get into making video games. It's simple logic.

Yet they want to make out like there's something wrong, like there's a mystery and something seems unfair when it's not, like studios are picking men over women during interviews when really the interview room might be 10 guys and 4 females, so more than likely because of the numbers a male is more likely to get the job.

They need to realise that some industries out there are either male or female centric, and Video games are just more of a guys thing, no one is saying women can't do it, no one cares, everyone is accepted if you have the skill but it is what it is.

SurgicalMenace1076d ago

Inclusion should also include the element of genuine effort to be included. These mediums are forcing inclusion in sectors where there has been no previous interest shown. Why include in history what hasn't earned the right to be there?

Inverno1076d ago

Those who go on about inclusivity almost always have no problem excluding people they feel don't belong which is hypocritical. It's definitely about patting yourself on the back because when you step outside into the real world, outside of social media outside of what social media wants you to believe, people have no problem sharing interests, and spaces in which we can talk about these interests. Humans are inclusive by nature!

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