Techtree: Far Cry 2 Review

Techtree writes: "Let's start off with the basics, Far Cry 2 is a huge game, it's massive, and there is a lot to explore. You can spend hours just roaming around, admiring the intricate details on a map that stretches about 50 Square Kilometers, for the curious souls, it is bigger than the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and even bigger than GTA: San Andreas. But the game just doesn't offer you a big world; it offers you a big world full of adventure, a game that is so immersive, and hours will pass by without you taking notice.

The game may be called Far Cry 2, but it is nothing like the original. There is no Jack Carver, there are no mutants or mutant powers, and most importantly, goodbye beautiful-exotic-island. The game is based in a fictional area in Africa, an area engulfed in the flames of a cold war between two major factions, the UFLL and APR, both sides fighting it out to control the area."

+Great open-ended gameplay
+Amazing visuals with optimized performance
+30+ hours of gameplay
+Easy to use map editor

-Weak AI
-Bland plot

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