Techtree: Asus Glide P552w Review

Techtree writes: "In the past we have seen the Asus P320 pitted against the Touch from HTC, however, we found the HTC Touch to be a better option. Now, we take a look at the Asus P552w that is again being projected as a competitor to the HTC Touch. Though this has a snazzy name - Glide - it won't be enough to contend with the HTC Touch.

The Asus P320 had an interface developed by Asus, and along with the P552w, a series of phones with the same interface could follow soon. It's a finger-friendly interface that will make usability much more comfortable. Let's see if Asus P552w has enough to take the spotlight off the HTC Touch."

+Powerful Processor (624MHz)
+2.8-inch screen
+Finger Gesture
+Windows Mobile 6.1

-Basic Software Bundle
-No memory card
-Poor Headset output
-Very Expensive

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