Deviation Games: "PlayStation has a culture where it's fearless to create"

The Call of Duty veterans and Sony's Hermen Hulst discusses the new studio and their partnership.

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Paleblood1068d ago

That's why Sony is the console market leader.

Can't wait to see the PlayStation exclusive game this studio is working on.

Babadook71068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

I feel like Microsoft should look into the Sony success story relating to developer freedom. Microsoft always does a decent job of showing games at E3 but man does their showcase seem to be stay close to the gears halo forza style.

jukins1068d ago

Thing is this is something thats basically in Sonys overall dna. From music to movies to games and all things to capture and reproduce said media its all linked to creative freedom.

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Abnor_Mal1068d ago

Can not wait to see what this game is about, and what thr devs will be able to do with thr PS5.

OFFTOPIC: Sony ready need to stop sitting on those classic PS1/2 games they have and make some new exclusive jrpgs, and F/TPS action games.

LiViNgLeGaCY1068d ago

I'm really excited to see what game they create.

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There are no "thoughtful" ads in video games, EA

There are no thoughtful ads in Video Games, EA. Leave them be.

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northpaws18h ago

I think the only type of games that can gets away with it would be sport games, having those sponsors ads on the side like on real life.

But don't put freaking Doritos ads in Star Wars or something, it breaks the immersion. If it is a pop-up ads, then big no.

Hofstaderman17h ago

EA can thoughtfully eff themselves.

Makersbreath216h ago

EA coming back for the crown of being perceived as the worst company in gaming.

Chocoburger35m ago(Edited 35m ago)

One of my favorite series is the THPS franchise, and it was packed with ads, but it didn't bother me. Posters for skateboard companies, JEEP, and Nokia phones. It did sort of fit in with the game world, but that was the past, these days ad would be intentionally intrusive or unskippable loading screen type of imagery. Ugh, I know EA would do it in a horrible fashion. Screw them.


Bungie CTO Leaves Company After 14 Years, Joins Sony PlayStation

Bungie veteran and current CTO, Luis Villegas, has left the company after fourteen years and has joined Sony PlayStation as its new Head of Technology.

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Sonic18811d 12h ago

"I feel incredibly lucky because as part of my new role I get to still work closely with my Bungie family."

New role and more pay and still can work closely with Bungie

1d 9h ago
fr0sty21h ago

Yeah, he basically just got a big promotion within the same parent company.

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S2Killinit21h ago

Seems logical for him and probably for PlayStation

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Square Enix Is Going Multiplatform; The Layoffs & Its Past Don't Inspire Confidence

After its latest games didn't meet sales targets, Square Enix is going multiplatform but the company's track record isn't convincing.

Scissorman1d 11h ago

Square Enix been multiplatform for decades, a few exclusively-deals doesn't make them any less multiplatform.

fr0sty1d 11h ago

Nor is selling their games on a console with only 25 million install base going to bring their sales to where they hope they will be... Unless they somehow manage to dumb down FF7 trilogy to work on switch, they aren't going to have much luck. They already released it on PC, after all.

anast1d ago

Where are you getting that number?

SegaSaturn6691d 11h ago

It kind of does, giving preference to a certain platform by timed exclusivity. Console ports generally feel superior. Legend of mana PC port extremely broken