How Todd Howard spent 25 years creating his 'NASA-punk' space RPG, Starfield

From Telegraph: "In any normal year, E3 interviews with industry leaders like Todd Howard on show-stopping reveals like Starfield would take place in grey Los Angeles conference rooms or jerry built cubicles on the show floor, soundtracked by the background hum of chatter and chiptunes.

2021 is about as far from being a normal year as you could hope to find, though, and so The Telegraph’s exclusive conversation with the steward of such seminal series as the Elder Scrolls and Fallout, takes place via video call between Maryland and London with the backdrop of – of course! – a Biblical plague of cicadas."

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Sonic-and-Crash1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

i have a small feeling that Starfield will end up like Cloud -Destruction technology of Crackdown 3/or Anthem.....

aka release almost at the end of this console cycle, cutting tons of features in order to be released without problems and at the end will end up being a medicore space game like Massive Effect andromeda or No mans Sky

all these ambitious projects without gameplay and not close release window but after a1 or2 year , my experience is telling me that dont end well

Viking_mo1073d ago

Yeah it was hard to believe we got a really small trailer and no gameplay despite it being in development for years

SlothLordPootus1073d ago

I think it will release close to their anticipated release date, though IMO expectations should be kept in check. There wasn't a whole lot there that got me excited. There wasn't any gameplay, and they keep saying it's Skyrim in space, that's how a consumer should be talking about it, not the developer saying, we reskinned Fallout to the ES post apocalyptic, now we're doing it for space. I'm curious how they will differentiate themselves from other sci-fi games, but I'm waiting till we see actual gameplay before I get excited. Not to mention I haven't really been a fan of anything they have put out since Skyrim. Bethesda's publisher owned studios do a lot more exciting stuff, in a timely manner, than BGS does.

RaidenBlack1073d ago

End of console cycle? Starfield?

Obscure_Observer1073d ago

"End of console cycle? Starfield?"

I know right? Dude is clueless. Lol

Obscure_Observer1073d ago

"all these ambitious projects without gameplay and not close release window but after a1 or2 year , my experience is telling me that dont end well"

"My experience".

I don´t think you played any game from Todd Howard before. But hey, don´t stop listen to what voic... I mean, experience, tells you.

spwittbold1073d ago

Who knows. THe game looks like it could be interesting from what we do know so far but could also be a major flop.

Even though PS5 got shafted, at least those really eager to get a taste can at least just buy gamepass for a month or two and make a decision, or buy it on PC/

Christopher1073d ago

Wait. No Man's Sky is mediocre? Damn. That bar is skyscraper high for some people.

Yui_Suzumiya1073d ago

End of console cycle? 2022 will still be the infancy of this cycle. I'll be lucky to have a PS5 or Xbox Series X by then, lol

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CrimsonWing691073d ago

And all we have to show is a teaser?

King_Noctis1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

The game will be released at the tail end of 2022. They can’t show more during The Game Award this year? Or Gamecom? Or hell, even E3 next year?

CrimsonWing691073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

And yet, in the past, games that are 2 years away we can get gameplay footage for? E3 used to be the place where they’d do live demos on stage for huge titles like this. We now get a cinematic teaser. I guess it’s better than just a title card like the last time it was mentioned at E3. This game comes out next year, give me a break…

King_Noctis1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

“ This game comes out next year, give me a break…”

It IS because the of game coming out next year that they don’t have to rush to show anything right now. There is one and a half more year to go, they can do anything during this period. Look at Halo Infinite. MS clearly has learnt their lesson.

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AlexanderHUN1073d ago

I thought they would at least show a little bit of gameplay, guess we will get more info at Gamescom?

zsquaresoff1073d ago

Considering the reputation he has, I highly doubt this is true, just some Bs made up by a guy known for talking Bs.

Fishy Fingers1073d ago

LOL it's not literal, just he had the idea in his head decades ago....