Forza Horizon 5 Runs a 4K 30fps on Series X, Will Have 60fps Performance Mode

Developers Playground Games has confirmed that their upcoming racer, Forza Horizon 5 will run at 4K 30fps (frames-per-second) on the Xbox Series X with the option to offer a 60fps performance mode at launch.

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gamingtext202039d ago (Edited 39d ago )

That’s weird, I thought for sure this game was going to be 4K/60fps and 1440p/120fps.

It seems like ray tracing is only available in Forzavista which is a photo mode it sounds like.

Interesting……at least there’s a 60fps mode.

Jin_Sakai39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

He says RT is in Forza Vista in gameplay reveal so I assume there won’t be RT during gameplay which kind of sucks. The cars would look amazing using RT reflection.

It’s pretty obvious there wouldn’t be a 120fps option for an open world game. Would definitely choose the 60fps mode for a racing game.

DJStotty39d ago

I did not expect RT in an open world racer to be quite honest, 4K 30fps/1440p 60fps is fine for this game.

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darthv7239d ago

performance mode for me. I am spoiled by the 60fps now more than resolution.

Tech539d ago (Edited 39d ago )

i wonder what the specs are for actual raytraced gameplay at 60fps. if they recommend a 14tflops card that's probably the reason. RT is always expensive. only way to know for sure. See the figures this November.

anubusgold39d ago

Ray tracing sucks without something like DLSS the performance hit is too much i turn it off without Dlss you go from 45 fps to 90 fps at 1440P on Pc 4k hell no and i have a 3000 series cards thats a much more powerful gpu than what the console has because they dont have the much more power Nvidia ray tracing cores.

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excaliburps39d ago

That is weird. The game looks gorgeous though. I mean, take out the numbers and whatnot, it does look amazing. Water effects were definitely next-gen.

I remember seeing water effects on PS3 for the first time and my eyes couldn't believe it then. LOL!

Si-Fly39d ago

Wave Race 64 was the best water I’d ever seen at the time, I remember being blown away by a demo display unit at Toys R Us 😂

Jin_Sakai39d ago

“Wave Race 64 was the best water I’d ever seen at the time“

Same here. It was amazing in its time.

I think Horizon: Forbidden West has the best water I’ve ever seen now. They took one of the worst features of the first game and made it one of the best in the sequel.

gamingtext202039d ago

Oh, don’t be mistaken my digital friend, the game is gorgeous and I’m definitely purchasing it day one.

It’s just interesting an approach that they took with this title. I could’ve sworn that I read somewhere that this game was being developed for just the Series X/S.

But now that it’s being developed for the previous consoles it kind of makes sense.

Regardless, the game still looks great.

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StrangerX39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

@Jin_Sakai _Thou I do love how Forbidden West water physics look, I think Rare's Sea of thieves still has the best water physics and looks the most impressive for now. Funny is how they're the same ones that did Wave Race for N64.

anubusgold35d ago

I liked Hydro thunder water better lol.

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CaptainHenry91639d ago

I don't know why it's weird when both consoles is identical. Two teraflops more isn't a big difference. It's comical

39d ago
King_Noctis39d ago

“ Two teraflops more isn't a big difference”

The Switch has less than 1 teraflops of power and look at what it can achieve.

Neonridr39d ago

2 TF can be quite the difference on a PC. Naturally it comes down to the devs and how they utilize it.

amazinglover39d ago

Teraflops is only truly comparable across the same graphic card generation and even then only paints part of the picture.

The vastly improved CPU and SSD is whats going to set this console generation apart.

Plus games coming out now and most in 2022 are made using last generation engines with some tweaks. We wont get truly next generation games until late 2022 especially when they finally leave last generation behind completely.

Bender650239d ago

Actually, two Teraflops is a big difference. Not in isolation of course, but in addition to. More importantly, if you think that Teraflops is the only difference between the consoles then, well... oh whatever.

Orchard39d ago

@CaptainHenry so RDNA2 is last gen suddenly? Also Series S has a high clocked CPU than PS5, so are we saying PS5 is last-gen? Not sure I would agree with you on that, but okay.

strifeblade39d ago

Well it was pretty big when it was 1.3 tf vs 1.8 tf for Xbox one and PS4. Now the 2tf difference gives Xbox a 20% advantage. And all multiplats will look and perform better on series x. Enjoying the power advantage since the one x. Forget just two tf+ xbox has Atmos and Dolby vision for games. Any high end gamer with hdr tv and an atmos system can't enjoy fully on ps5.

King_Noctis39d ago

“ Microsoft is not leaving last generation behind because the Series S will still be here”

I thought we were talking about Series X vs PS5?

PS-Gamer-198639d ago (Edited 39d ago )


"Now the 2tf difference gives Xbox a 20% advantage. And all multiplats will look and perform better on series x. "

Where are these games, which look and perform better on series x and why are there games where ps5 has the advantage?

For a 20% "advantage" the games are basically the same in most intances, with a slight advantage for the one or the other, depending on the specific game.

Or is this another case of "wait for our secret sauce" scenario? 😁

Army_of_Darkness39d ago


Still looking....

OB1Biker38d ago

Oh wow. You are speaking the truth but people don't like it.
Consoles aren't PC and everything is custom.

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ScootaKuH39d ago

It also begs the question.. what exactly was the footage we saw at E3 yesterday running on? No way was that 30fps in the trailer. Was it running on a PC or was that actually performance mode on Series X? I know they said it was in engine footage but I don't recall them saying it was actual SX footage

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TheExecutioner39d ago

seems the new get bottleneck start appearing on early games. cannot understand when can we get a home console that can run the game 4K/60 or 120 with ray tracing unless the dev is dump ass.

Jin_Sakai39d ago

120fps is amazing. 60fps is ok. 30fps can die.

Nitrowolf239d ago (Edited 39d ago )

you are asking for a very expensive system, and even something PC struggles with today unless u spend boat loads, and even then some games struggle to hold.

This expectation of 4K 60FPS was always a bad one. Why do people think most PC gamers prefer 1440P

FlavorLav0139d ago

I remember back thinking twin (SLI) 980 ti graphics cards should’ve “been enough” to run 4k60 gaming consistently, before ray tracing mind you. Lol. Boy was I wrong

39d ago
tombfan39d ago

Not even a beefy PC can manage to run games 4k / 60 with ray tracing natively... that's why they have things like DLSS or FSR.

Popsicle39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

When and if the Pro versions of the consoles are released. Although I expect it will be a number of years. Especially considering this has been the hardest early adopt due to chip shortages and scalpers.

Sarcasm39d ago

You just have an unrealistic disconnected expectation on what hardware can do, and appear to be completely ignorant on how resource expensive Ray Tracing is

yeahokwhatever39d ago

AMD is about to give devs a 50% performance improvement in the coming months. I want you to save this comment you made and come back to it in a year or two.

AmUnRa39d ago

Ore the Xbox series X is not cappable to do that, Heck even high end pc are struggeling with it....but its the devs. Showes you dont know jack shit about hardware....

Shadowsteal39d ago

I don't think there's a machine out there that can do 4K120fps with Raytracing at Ultra settings.

Let alone a $500 console.

Popsicle38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

You are 100% correct, but we are entering a new generation. Developers and new game engines will cut the cost of these items over time. Just as they do every generation. It almost borders on shocking what developers are able to achieve by the end of a generation when comparing it to the beginning. It blows my mind that the base PS4 can run games like GoT and FF7 Remake at 1080p and a stable 30. The improvements will definitely take some time though.

To be clear, I am still not disagreeing with your post. I do not believe a $500 console will give us 4K120fps with Raytracing at Ultra settings on big budget games by the end of the gen. However, I do expect to see more 4K60fps with Raytracing by the end.

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Hellcat202039d ago

Where's The Real Ted Cruz at so he can make sense on this?

TheRealTedCruz39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Busy playing Ratchet and Clank because, despite the narrative people try to stick to me, I'm highly objective.
I love many Sony games, and they're the only consoles I've purchased over the last decade.

I'm just a gamer. But criticizing Sony for their missteps of the last few years, yet acknowledging Microsoft actually doing a 180 and offering a solid gaming ecosystem labels me a MS fanboy on N4G, because this is a thinly veiled Sony fan site at this point.

Hellcat202039d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Yes I prefer Sony consoles but I also love my Nintendo consoles and I'm also an Xbox gamer with a Gamepass subscription
Hit me up anytime on either console

* nice editing

Focus4039d ago

Absolutely You would think Sony bought this site

TheRealTedCruz39d ago (Edited 39d ago )


Care to show me where I said Sony "bought" this site?
Or was that just insinuations made by you?

I was speaking of the user base that most definitely swings in one direction.

It's like stating fox news leans to the right, but blaming people for stating fox news viewers lean to the right.

LucasRuinedChildhood39d ago

I also try to be fair to MS (gave them a lot of credit for BC even though many downplayed it) but you have to admit that there were loads of comments making a big deal that games like Forbidden West and R&C are either 4K 30fps or a lower resolution at 60fps to create a certain narrative.

Now, it's obvious that the Series X will need to make the same concessions which is fine but those comments were certainly not "objective".

kayoss39d ago

But dont you understand why a lot of Sony players and some Xbox players bash Microsoft? Look at the history Microsoft. Its just filled with mis-steps, false promises, 180's and more important. All talk and no action. The last xbox i had was xbox One. The only game I've played on that system was Forza and it sat there waiting for other great exclusives but those never came. Xbox owners went literally a generation without a great exclusive. Throughout the generation, they were sparsely given a few mediocre exclusives here and there.

Dont you think they're deserving of the bashing?

yeahokwhatever39d ago

Its not N4G thats pro-sony, its the WORLD. sony makes a better console and has better games. thats all. nothing else to discuss. its common knowledge.

39d ago
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TheRealTedCruz39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

The editing was my fault.
I saw a lot of pro Sony stuff, and figured you were just part of the flock.
Then I saw some of the more positive Xbox posts you made so I wanted to correct it.

I thought there was a lot of bias involved, but I was proven wrong. I appreciate people on here who can just be objective.


It doesn't surprise me the game is absolutely gorgeous.

Do the 4K 30 when you just want to enjoy the visuals. And I'm sure the performance mode will still be gorgeous.

Definitely looking forward to this to hit game pass for PC

BenRC0139d ago

Those car models are ripoed straight from forza3/4 nothing new there and all those fancy effects were cut scenes or panning shots. no cars or gameplay in sight.
Sx is crippled by old hardware, we all knew this (halo infinite... wow. Halo 5 reskinned?).
Add ray tracing into the mix and you can forget 60fps on any console, same way last gen was hampered by the 4k insistence

--Onilink--39d ago

No cars or gameplay in sight? They literally demoed the game for several minutes…

Tedakin39d ago

Weird I thought I saw several minute of cars and gameplay. What were you watching?

Chris1239d ago

Ben, as usual you're trying far too hard. FH5 looked amazing, deal with it.