Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the latest PS5 exclusive to claim No.1 | UK Boxed Charts

It's the second Insomniac-developed game to claim the top spot this year

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zsquaresoff44d ago

Not surprising, brilliant game, and the review scores prove so.

blackblades44d ago

Guess people are willing to pay $70 well solves that debate.

Paleblood44d ago

Willing to pay $70 for a quality product.

Rimeskeem44d ago

For premium products yah, not for some half assed MT filled stuff though.

CaptainHenry91644d ago

The quality of this game and genre is top notch

ScootaKuH44d ago

It's the UK. We use GBP here so it's £70 and yes when the product is a quality one I'll happily pay it

Mr_Luke44d ago

Oh yes, i paid €79.99 for it here in Italy ^^'' but when it's a game that really entertains me, i pay that without problems. Is it a lot? Oh yes, never said the opposite. But i don't buy €80 games every day, just the ones i think they deserve to be bought.

Teflon0244d ago

I'm not too bothered by the higher priced games and think people are really overdoing the crying. BUT what Paleblood said is the key. I don't care when it's a quality product. I even paid for the deluxe upgrade for the disc version lol. I'd do it again, games amazing so far

AsunaYuukiTheFlash44d ago

@zsquaresoff For a quality game? YES!

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NeoGamer23243d ago

I picked it up today digitally. Will start play tomorrow!

Aloymetal43d ago

You're in for a treat, enjoy it;)

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Paleblood44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Ratched and Clank at #1 and Spider Man MM at #5 thats very amazing.

I love when games do the talking by themselves. No PR scripts needed. Also interesting that only Nintendo and Sony exclusive games are in the top 10... Games that are not on a subscription service or being released on PC.

Aloymetal44d ago

And this is just the beginning, PlayStation just revving up the engines.

Elda44d ago

Of course. The exclusive is a gem.

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