Tech2: Call of Duty: World at War Review

Tech2 writes: "Call of Duty World at War was a title born with huge expectations riding on its tiny little shoulders. Not only were discerning CoD fans watching Treyarch's every move after CoD 3 failed to impress, but the game also had to match the standards set by Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare, a task which in all fairness was near impossible... or so we thought! Luckily for us, Treyarch's little bundle of joy has not only stood up to the challenge but pummeled it into the ground, delivering an intense, gritty and exhilarating World War II experience."

+Epic set pieces
+Looks awesome
+Killer voice acting
+Offers tons of replayability
+Brutal combat is a welcome addition to the CoD series

-Feels a bit too much like Modern Warfare for its own good
-Painfully dumb A.I.
-Single player campaign is too short

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