Chrono Trigger: New Dungeons: Part 1

There are countless gamers who have never experienced CHRONO TRIGGER, but there are just as many old-school fans who played the game 13 years ago. The Nintendo DS version will allow a whole new crowd to enjoy the timeless classic for the first time, but what about the veterans?

Worry not, die-hard fans. Along with the multiplayer Arena mode, the Nintendo DS version also features bonus dungeons for you to explore. These dungeons are not simple expansions of existing dungeons, but additional ones with new sights, sounds, puzzles and stories.

In these dungeons, you'll encounter new and powerful foes. There will be new bosses too, of course, some of which will truly test your skills.

To help aid in this tough journey, you'll find new items along the way such as unique weapons and armor. Many of these items are quite powerful, so you'll definitely want to search every nook and cranny to find them.

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