Xbox Games Showcase: Extended Announced with Ninja Theory, Obsidian, Rare, Double Fine, and More

Microsoft has announced an Xbox Games Showcase: Extended presentation that will take place on Thursday, June 17 and will feature conversations with Double Fine, Obsidian, Ninja Theory, Rare, and more.

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Obscure_Observer48d ago (Edited 48d ago )


Because just 90 minutes is not enough! So many games!

Bender650248d ago

Don't we all.
Is that game not sublimely beautiful.

FlavorLav0147d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Can I get some Avowed!? or Fable, or Hellblade2 before I pop an ulcer waiting…

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TheProblem48d ago

I was assuming this was just a knee jerk reaction to the poor conference they just had which amounted to more Halo more Forza with a couple of extra games. But it sounds like these devs won’t be showing anything

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48d ago

Poor conference? Lmao the hate is strong with this one

neutralgamer199248d ago


I find you so weird man you got excited for CGI trailers and you bash other companies for showing gameplay the definition of hypocrisy there's a reason you have more disagrees than agrees

All Spencer has to do is open his mouth and you're happy and praise him while other companies go above and beyond and can't please gamers like you. 90 minutes or not enough for CGI trailers you are right maybe it's time for them to show some gameplay and their biggest game in Halo still did not look good


Instead of showing all those CGI trailers they should have shown more gameplay even if it's free alpha early footage we literally had a game announced where the developers themselves made fun of the fact they don't have any gameplay story or anything ready for the game but they are announcing it. I guess Nintendo and Sony should announce games which are 10 years down the road but you know just release CGI trailers or nothing at All

There is such a double standard from Xbox fanboys all Microsoft has to do is talk and that's it they want even though they are in the third place and have been there for a long time

--Onilink--48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I don’t understand why I keep seeing comments of a lot of cgi trailers… do people not know what a cgi trailer is anymore?

Because as far as I could tell there were only like 3-4 in total, Redfall, Outer Worlds 2, Contraband and A Plague Tale (though a couple of bits of A Plague Tale were in game).

CaptainHenry91648d ago (Edited 48d ago )


Avatar and most the big AAA games was CGI trailer. They didn't even show a campaign demo of Halo Infinite or give an official release date which I was surprised by. Most of the indie games showed gameplay

343 just showed the multi-player gameplay. Why not show us a campaign demo like they did last year, especially since this game in coming out in about 3 to 4 months 🤔 I'm hoping 343 can nail the campaign and multi-player and not just one mode

--Onilink--48d ago

Avatar? That wasnt even in the MS conference….
And everything they showed of Halo was clearly in game, not cgi.

So again I gotta ask? Do people not know what a CGI trailer is anymore?

neutralgamer199248d ago


Outer world

Did these have gameplay or am I missing that section of the conference. Let me ask you a better question since you seem to think people don't know what CGI is do people not know what actual gameplay. Simply showing a logo of the game and calling it a day. I guess Sony should go ahead and announce uncharted the god of war after this the next GT the next horizon because those are coming so they can show them and they'll be ready in 5+ years

And what's amazing is the CGI trailers they showed last year at E3 a lot of them did not even make any appearance this year so these games are announcing there's no guarantee that they will be there next year to show any gameplay

48d ago
--Onilink--48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

You do understand there is a difference between a CGI trailer and an In-engine trailer right?

Because Starfield was clearly labeled as in engine, it even had the engine name in it.

If you want to complain about games not showing gameplay, that is a very different thing than complaining about the trailers being CGI.

Also, I did mention outer worlds, and contraband and redfall and quite a lot (but not all) of A Plague Tale. Those 4, out of 30, were clearly CGI trailers

That is why I ask if people dont know anymore what a CGI trailer is

CaptainHenry91648d ago (Edited 48d ago )

A Plague Tale is a multiplatform game though. All their first party exclusives was CGI trailer. I give Obsidian a pass because I know Outerworlds 2 is going to be good

--Onilink--48d ago


I think we are talking about completely different topics, im saying that some people are complaining about a lot of cgi trailers in the MS conference when there were only like 3-4 out of 30 games shown.

I havent said anything about other conferences, whether the games are exclusive or not or if I think they should have shown more.

neutralgamer199248d ago


No goal posts I want everyone to treat all companies the same. Nintendo gets a free pass because they are Nintendo and the nostalgia Factor. Xbox has the wait till next E3 meme (which BTW they have earned) and Sony has to do great just to get enough good credit

So you mean to tell me that today's conference was great for Microsoft?

Obscure_Observer48d ago (Edited 48d ago )


Dude, just take your L and move on.

You among a few PS diehard were expecting E3 to fail, Xbox to fail, Halo Infinite to fail, Starfield to be either multiplatform or a failure, you people didn´t expect for high profile first party games to be Day One on Xbox Gamepass, god forbid high profile third party AAA games.

What we had (So far. There´s more coming) was a impressive showcase and line up of games! As --Onilink-- already point out, just a few CGI trailers out of 30 games presented.

Turns out that you don´t even know the difference between CGI and In-Engine trailer, smdh.

Xbox-Bethesda showcase was all about games, games and even more games!

You´re just bitter, sad and hurt because Sony refused to attend and now you have to deal with the fact that E3 will always be E3 for games. With or without Sony.

Have a nice week. :)

neutralgamer199248d ago


Take the L for what exactly? You just can't take any criticism of Xbox brand and you worship Phil. Seriously

The message of hope is string I guess but maybe you haven't noticed the fact Sony never stopped releasing games to begin with and just this month alone have ratchet and clank and FF7 DLC. When you wanna talk games and facts let me know without getting all emotional. And that halo gameplay 😆 they were so scared to even show campaign (500+ million spent and over 5+ years in development and this is what they have to show for it. 343i have tarnished halo IP)

Maybe y'all need to realize the difference between gameplay and CGI/in engine trailer. It shouldn't be that hard to understand there was not a lot of gameplay and maybe you didn't read but I did say

"A lot of these recent acquisitions had released games right before being bought so it will take them time to release new games which is totally understandable. Few years ago Phil himself said that companies should be showing games which are years out and this whole E3 was filled with promise of future years. This right here is the reason many don't like Phil because he talks from both sides of his mouth

Sony and Nintendo should definitely attend. E3 is a special time for gamers and these companies should show what they have been working on but if we are going to see trailers only with very little gameplay than I much rather have the deep dives like they did recently with Horizon

From end of Xbox 360 till now Ms hasn't recovery and have been constantly playing catch up to sony and nintendo. In the past 12 months look at playstation exclusives vs Xbox and even you will realize which company is doing what with their resources

But I guess while playing ratchet and clank and FF7 among with games I should take the L take the W by playing the wait game

DOMination-48d ago

Outer Worlds 2 trailer was clearly a self-aware parody. Contraband was simply an "announcement teaser". Personally, I hate those types of trailers. If they don't have anything to show then I don't think they should be announcing the game but hey, that's just me.

Starfield was not CGI, it was in-engine like all BGS trailers and will be representative of the game.

Redfall was absolutely CGI. What annoys me about trailers like this is that the game is supposedly only 12 months from release. That trailer was really long and must have taken a lot of work but instead of pissing about on making that flashy garbage, the developer should focus on bringing us something that actually represented the gameplay. It very much gave me a "mobile game vibe" with that tripe, even though its seemingly a console game.

sinspirit48d ago

@all the above

You know, in-engine and realtime are not the same. These game engines are more than capable of being used as traditional rendering programs and they certainly do, especially when those assets and work have already been done in said engine. Realtime is important to know that it represents what graphical quality they can deliver on the hardware with those quality of assets.

gamer780448d ago (Edited 48d ago )

They showed gameplay trailers as well. But even CGI trailers arebetter than having no conference at all no? Lol

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neutralgamer199247d ago


I agree with you I think it was a very good conference I'm not hating on the conference itself. Most companies should not be showing games which are years away and this goes for all three console makers. What is a good start Microsoft has the fire power now and they have 20 plus studios they should be able to do some quality things. My original comment was not meant to hate on them because I have myself an Xbox. Just that few years ago Phil Spencer himself said companies should not be showing games which are years away and now vast majority of the stuff that was shown had no release date

chiefJohn11747d ago

Obsecure Observe Owned you!!!

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S2Killinit48d ago

Pretty lame showing they had. I think they realized it so now they want to give us something more to fill in the void.

OneLove48d ago

Them ponys salty of this comment😂😂€ 514;

alb189948d ago (Edited 48d ago )

The year is long and there's more events. Fable, Perfect Dark, Hellblade 2, Avowed and everwild should be part of what we gonna see all the year.
If you unify all the titles that I just mentioned with the ones that were announced in the conference.....boy we have something big.

itsmebryan47d ago

"But, has no games!" Where are all those people now? 27 new titles so far included with gamepass day one at no extra charge. Who care if some are multi platform. The others can enjoy pay $60 - $70 for a game that's Gamepass included at no extra charge.

Plus, how are you getting down votes?

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CrimsonWing6948d ago

Just so Hellblade 2 for chrissake

Magog48d ago

Can't show a game that is still in the planning stages.

CrimsonWing6948d ago

Didn’t stop them from before.

King_Noctis47d ago

Hellblade 2 was announced way back in 2019. Ninja Theory must be one lazy dev if it take them 2 years to still be in “planning stages”.

On that topic, are you an insider working for Ninja Theory?

phoenixwing48d ago

Looks like I can hold out hope for some avowed snippets

phoenixwing48d ago

Elder Scrolls 6 and avowed were what i was hoping to see trailers of at this e3. It was a long shot to want them but those are the games I'm interested in. Fantasy rpg's just hold a special place for me. Starfield could be good though but it's an unknown to me. I also liked horizon gameplay, definitely picking that up and probably gonna play halo on game pass.

Highrevz48d ago

That would be great but I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much. The game could be 2 years away.

I’d be happy just hearing some info about what period it’s set in compared to Pillars of Eternity and some idea of how the game will play.

RaidenBlack48d ago

"conversations with developers"
Doubt there'll be anything shown.

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