Tech2: Asus F80S Review

Tech2 writes: "Smooth and shiny, the Asus F80S boasts the dreaded yet delightfully pretty glossy finish on the top lid. Sure enough it's a finger print magnet but as long as you (or your man Friday) clean it after every use, this laptop will capture a lot of attention. That said, the F80S does boast the In Fusion technology on the glossy surface, which claims to be scratch resistant to a good extent.

The Asus F80S has a medium build (34 x 24 x 4 cms, 2.39kg with battery) with a 14.1" screen. The 87 key keyboard is quite comfortable to use aside from a few personal gripes - the arrow keys are a bit too tiny for my liking and the "Right Click" key on the bottom row has received way too much significance in size at the cost of some important keys like Left Ctrl, Left Alt and the Win key being cut short in size. Besides that the keyboard is comfortably tactile with a good sense of depth below the keys when you type."

+Great battery life
+Good configuration for its price
+Good keyboard and touch pad
+Excellent color reproduction on screen

-Low audio output
-Screen is highly reflective
-Weird USB and memory card slot placement

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