Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Trial Now Live on PS5, File Size, Schedule Revealed

The Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin trial version is now live for PS5 gamers! Full schedule, file size and details revealed.

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FallenAngel198446d ago

Wish the demo was also available on PS4

Christopher46d ago

Oh, come now, that's unrealistic with those obviously native 4k UHD graphics. /s

Nitrowolf246d ago

it looks so good, our eyes have yet to catch up to it

excaliburps45d ago

Chaos! You are bringing chaos!

phoenixwing45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Chaos CONTROLLLLLLLLL~ Shadow the hedghog~

would be hilarious if shadow is the final boss. would improve the writing i think. absurd is better than full ham

Nuvem45d ago

They say Chaos so often that it even seems like a parody

JonDiskonected45d ago

Is it working now? Or still corrupted?

Lore45d ago

Still not working for me. Unsure if it needs to be downloaded again for it to work or not

JonDiskonected45d ago

I just downloaded it again, still not working

Spenok44d ago

I downloaded it last night, but I'm only just getting to it.

It's actually really fun. The voice acting is piss poor, but overall the gameplay is quite good.

jznrpg45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Yea they say Chaos a lot but it is the enemies name so although sounding lame it makes sense to say it. They could have cut the trailer to have Chaos said less, the graphics need polish obviously but it could be a fun game . I’d put it in Japanese if they have the option

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The story is too old to be commented.