The PC Gaming Show @ E3 2021

PC Gamer presents the 2021 PC Gaming Show, the seventh annual event for PC gaming.

June 13 2:30 PT / 5:30 ET

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instantstupor46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Ooookay, I don't really ever use "cringe", but this opening (and the main presenter)...ooof. Let the stream buffer a good 5-10 minutes to allow yourself the luxury of skipping the inane dialogue (and integrated ads) between showcases/trailers.

Edit: Or maybe just skip it and watch the collection of trailers afterwards. Not a fan of the structure or banter, and the opening thus far has been filled with stuff you expect to be peppered in between bigger announcements. It's an odd tone to set, using that as the opening salvo meant to grab, and keep, your attention.

Snakeeater2546d ago

Pc gaming … am sure there is tons of hype of the conference 😂

Zombieburger63846d ago

More than that boring MS conference


They just don't get it year after year. Same dumb ass intros, hosts, etc. We just need plain and simple to the point, show us gameplay, traliers special announcments not this crap. I'll just wait until it's over and go over to just watch the trailers, and read whats coming out.

instantstupor46d ago

100%. I tried again. They failed to keep me...again. Stop trying to yuk it up with - I hate using this word, but when the shoe fits - cringy hosts in between announcements. It's going to be another overlong show where it drags unnecessarily, and you get met with ads and cringe while waiting for the next morsel of info.

And 15 minutes in, you can already see they are committing too much time to developer interviews and such, continuing to drag the pace down. Get 'em next year, PC Gamer. Just aim to be generally watchable - that's a nice, low bar to clear. I believe in you!


Exactly, and going by the live chat all I see is the word cringe lol. It's just terrible. I like PC Gamer hell I still sub to the magazine, the physical one 😁, would be nice to have the actual people in PC Gamer be the hosts I mean it's their show 👍

-Hermit-46d ago

The way it is being presented makes if feel like a kids show.

Christopher46d ago

Remember, this is aimed at the youtube streamer watching crowd.

Father__Merrin46d ago

PC e3 show? I wonder what games are on show

CaptainHenry91646d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I was hoping for Diablo 4

bunt-custardly46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Guys, remember this is PC Gamer. It's a longstanding magazine (and now website) running for over 20 years and in several countries. I think the show format is deliberate, possibly to suit the tastes of their readership and much like Devolver, to be different from the norm. They have used this same relaxed, goofy and informative format for years and don't think they will change it. I think the hosts can be a little cringeworthy at times but overall seems passionate. I think Sean Plott is actually an esports commentator (coming from a gaming background) when not presenting this gig not 100% sure on that now but was in the past.