Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Screenshots, Art, and Character Renders Released

PP: Square Enix and Eidos Montreal announced today that they’ll be releasing a new game in the expanding Marvel video game universe, and it’s releasing this year on current and last-gen consoles. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has a bunch of new images direct from Square Enix’s digital press room.

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FallenAngel198449d ago

I wish someone would make a new X-Men game

Square Enix seems too happy to make Marvel games that seem somewhat based on the MCU

FlavorLav0148d ago

Someone let Sony have a go at X-Men or a Wolverine game and knock it out the park the way they did with spider-man. Sure would love to see it!

Snakeeater2548d ago

Such a bad move to make a game to hype the movie …
I hope they make a new Deadpool or X-men game soon … with wolverine no lgbt shit with x-23 just the original heroes