‘Starfield’: Todd Howard discusses Bethesda’s new space-based RPG

The studio’s managing director describes the new space-based RPG as a ‘Han Solo simulator.’

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Deathdeliverer40d ago

I didn’t get the hype before E3 and I still don’t get the hype after. They showed absolutely nothing. Damn that was disappointing.

neutralgamer199240d ago

Don't you know man all Ms has to do is show CGI and they win E3. Showing games coming over a year later with a CGI is big moment

Xbox as usual over hype and under deliver when it comes to E3

MeteorPanda40d ago

to be fair, ms had a lot more to show (they have bought a LOT of studios lol) STALKER 2 was awesome

--Onilink--40d ago

Im curious, outside of Redfall, Contraband and Outer Worlds 2 (and maybe A Plague Tale Requiem, though that one included some snippets of in game), which other trailers were CGI?

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TheRealTedCruz40d ago

I thought it was a great show, and only displayed that there's a bunch of seemingly quality content coming.

CaptainHenry91640d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Stalker 2 is a multiplatform game though. I'll say they definitely got the quantity of games now. Quality is still questionable. Have to do a wait and see approach with all the games that was a CGI trailer especially RedFall

Deathdeliverer40d ago


I’ll agree that Microsoft E3s are full of underwhelming showcases and over hype usually. This one was by far not a knock out the park, but it did give me some titles to look forward to. I was shocked to see so many launch exclusives instead of full in house exclusives. After spending so much on Zenimax you would think paying for outside exclusives of any type were done. Well apparently Microsoft feels otherwise lol. Other thing is gamepass. If you don’t have a series X right now, don’t fret. Forza and halo will both be on Xbox one, and for me personally, Flight simulator is the only Series X only game this year im looking forward to. Get your Series X around…. summer of next year is my guess, and gamepass will be loaded.

TheGreatGazoo3039d ago

The Starfield teaser was in-engine, not CGI

gamer780439d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Do you even know what a CGI trailer is? Starfield was in engine….

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Bash2U39d ago

Awwwweeee all the salty Sony guys in one thread lol

All new Ips
Staple ips looking fantastic
Gameplay for tons of games
Tons of games not shown
All on gamepass day one
Stunning Graphics
Varied gameplay

Now, please go and pay for Spider-Man , FF7 , Demon souls at $70 for a second time.

And just leave real gamers be. You Sony Pony's are more toxic than the sequels you have to buy twice over, I swear.

instantstupor39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I don't know why someone wanting to see gameplay makes them a....sigh...."Sony Pony". I also want to see some gameplay for this, as there's almost nothing to go on. I mean, I'm tentatively excited. I'm hopeful, but I've also got a dose of healthy skepticism. And I think we can agree that has become more important as the years have gone by, given what we've seen with marketing/false advertising/overhype in the industry. On top of that, Starfield was trademarked in 2013 and officially revealed in 2018. I would have hoped to hear a bit more concrete info this time around given it had 3 years since its teaser/title card reveal.

To the buying games twice thing, I do agree the Spider-Man remastered thing was truly a baffling choice by Sony, but are you suggesting that because FF7 came out on the PS1 and Demon Souls came out on the PS3 and both got completely remade games from the ground up that...that those games should be free, like any slightly spiffed up game upgrade? I mean, we used to all pay for light updates, even on XBOX - MC collection, Rare collection, etc. Battletoads got a remake, and they charged for it. FF7 is going to release on multiple platforms later on, and PC/XB aren't going to get it for free either. The Integrade update from PS4 to PS5 is free. I'm not really sure what your true argument is here, to be honest.

And quick aside, don't you think that calling people things like "Sony Pony" just perpetuates the toxicity you claim to be against? And "real gamers" - a term that also helps set the stage for toxicity by splitting one group into different subsets - shouldn't really get all that worked up by people being idiots on the Internet. Shake your head at the poor fools who perpetuate fanboy wars and take a hobby that should be FUN just...way too seriously. Engage in conversations that enrich, not enrage. No reason to add fuel to the fire. And sure, there are times you'll want to try to change a mind or point out hypocrisy, though I'd argue it's generally better to do so levelheadedly rather than stooping to their level. People respond better to that than to being attacked. Be the change you want to see and all that lol.

Elda39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

What is there to discuss??... the only thing shown in the trailer was some people inside a ship then someone walking to the cockpit of the ship to take off & that was it. No gameplay was shown at all which I thought was disappointing.

Michiel198939d ago

dont forget the spaceship sandwhich!

LoveSpuds39d ago

Considering that Bethesda developed titles have been decreasing in quality with each release over the years, it amazes me that anyone listens to anything Todd Howard says, the guy is full of it.

TheRealTedCruz39d ago

I wouldn't say quality (outside of 76), but definitely in depth. They're more action games than RPG anymore. Luckily there's always a plethora of mods to flesh out the mechanics.

I'm hoping this new series turns out to be a more in-depth series, personally. Especially with what will be on obvious comparison to the coming Outer Worlds 2, which I'm sure they're improving upon from the original.

LoveSpuds39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

With respect, I would say they are trending downward in quality too personally.

Their games have been shown to be quite archaic in design as well as from a technical standpoint and the reality is, there are plenty of other companies making better RPGs than Bethesda over the last 7 or 8 years.

I know CDProject dropped the ball recently, but contrast Witcher 3 with anything put out by Bethesda since Skyrim (which itself was very traditional in design at the time it released).

I just think its safer to wait and see rather than let Todd Howard hype shit up given their recent track record, people are talking about Starfield as if its a dead cert, I am simply saying they have a lot to prove.