‘Starfield’: Todd Howard discusses Bethesda’s new space-based RPG

The studio’s managing director describes the new space-based RPG as a ‘Han Solo simulator.’

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Deathdeliverer841d ago

I didn’t get the hype before E3 and I still don’t get the hype after. They showed absolutely nothing. Damn that was disappointing.

neutralgamer1992841d ago

Don't you know man all Ms has to do is show CGI and they win E3. Showing games coming over a year later with a CGI is big moment

Xbox as usual over hype and under deliver when it comes to E3

MeteorPanda841d ago

to be fair, ms had a lot more to show (they have bought a LOT of studios lol) STALKER 2 was awesome

--Onilink--841d ago

Im curious, outside of Redfall, Contraband and Outer Worlds 2 (and maybe A Plague Tale Requiem, though that one included some snippets of in game), which other trailers were CGI?

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MadLad841d ago

I thought it was a great show, and only displayed that there's a bunch of seemingly quality content coming.

CaptainHenry916841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

Stalker 2 is a multiplatform game though. I'll say they definitely got the quantity of games now. Quality is still questionable. Have to do a wait and see approach with all the games that was a CGI trailer especially RedFall

Deathdeliverer841d ago


I’ll agree that Microsoft E3s are full of underwhelming showcases and over hype usually. This one was by far not a knock out the park, but it did give me some titles to look forward to. I was shocked to see so many launch exclusives instead of full in house exclusives. After spending so much on Zenimax you would think paying for outside exclusives of any type were done. Well apparently Microsoft feels otherwise lol. Other thing is gamepass. If you don’t have a series X right now, don’t fret. Forza and halo will both be on Xbox one, and for me personally, Flight simulator is the only Series X only game this year im looking forward to. Get your Series X around…. summer of next year is my guess, and gamepass will be loaded.

TheGreatGazoo30841d ago

The Starfield teaser was in-engine, not CGI

gamer7804841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

Do you even know what a CGI trailer is? Starfield was in engine….

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Elda841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

What is there to discuss??... the only thing shown in the trailer was some people inside a ship then someone walking to the cockpit of the ship to take off & that was it. No gameplay was shown at all which I thought was disappointing.

Michiel1989841d ago

dont forget the spaceship sandwhich!

LoveSpuds841d ago

Considering that Bethesda developed titles have been decreasing in quality with each release over the years, it amazes me that anyone listens to anything Todd Howard says, the guy is full of it.

MadLad841d ago

I wouldn't say quality (outside of 76), but definitely in depth. They're more action games than RPG anymore. Luckily there's always a plethora of mods to flesh out the mechanics.

I'm hoping this new series turns out to be a more in-depth series, personally. Especially with what will be on obvious comparison to the coming Outer Worlds 2, which I'm sure they're improving upon from the original.

LoveSpuds841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

With respect, I would say they are trending downward in quality too personally.

Their games have been shown to be quite archaic in design as well as from a technical standpoint and the reality is, there are plenty of other companies making better RPGs than Bethesda over the last 7 or 8 years.

I know CDProject dropped the ball recently, but contrast Witcher 3 with anything put out by Bethesda since Skyrim (which itself was very traditional in design at the time it released).

I just think its safer to wait and see rather than let Todd Howard hype shit up given their recent track record, people are talking about Starfield as if its a dead cert, I am simply saying they have a lot to prove.


Did 2023 have the best games ever released in September?

From Xfire: "Historically, September has been the gaming industry's version of a red carpet event. As we inch closer to the holiday season, AAA titles start to pop up like mushrooms after a rainstorm. This year was no exception, with a slew of games that had us reaching for our controllers (and occasionally, our wallets)."

phoenixwing8h ago

If not for bg3 it would have been a crappy September. Starfield isn't that great a game to say it was a best ever. Only bg3 lived up to the hype.

Terry_B7h ago

It had MK1 but...it was not thaaaaaat good.

DefenderOfDoom23h ago

For me personally I was more excited with triple AAA games coming out during the fall back in the PS3 , Xbox 360 generation.


Todd Howard: "Starfield Is A Game People Are Going To Play For A Long Time"

Todd Howard, who is the director of Bethesda Game Studios, has expressed how the development team has poured everything they’ve gathered from their previous works, and intentionally made Starfield to be played for a “long time.”

CappyBlack1d 4h ago

Have about 80 hours into it, and there's still a lot to see. Mods are definitely going to keep this game having legs.

Duke1917h ago

I’m at 35ish hours in and definitely feel like I have barely scratched the surface. It’s not perfect by any means but I’m definitely enjoying it.

Hope they keep expanding on it overtime, although even some minor quality of life mods will definitely help too

kythlyn17h ago

225 hours... got to NG+12 before getting the platinum and moving on to Cyberpunk. But I miss Starfield. I'll definitely be back for the expansion and I'm extremely excited to see what the modders come up with to make each run of NG+ even more surprising, and to make planet exploration more interesting.

Obscure_Observer1d 1h ago

132 Hours into the game and I can´t see myself dropping it anytime soon. It´s simply amazing!

I can´t wait for Forza Motorsport, but I´m not leaving Starfield for it.

Gonna try and make sure to enjoy both!