Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin | Announcement Teaser Trailer

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE veterans Tetsuya Nomura and Kazushige Nojima join forces with Team NINJA from KOEI TECMO GAMES to deliver a bold new vision for FINAL FANTASY. Get your first look at STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN. Coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC in 2022.

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Christopher40d ago

Trailer drinking game: Take a drink every time someone says "chaos"

Sonic-and-Crash40d ago

lol ...indeed Square/ Koei ...lost their touch on this one ....smthing like a cheapy Ff 15 dlc

AzubuFrost40d ago

I swear if they say CHAOS one more time...

RpgSama40d ago

Dude I thought the same thing!!! Like nobody saw this trailer before release? It was just ridiculous and the game looks like straight up trash, I already got tired of seeing enemies turning into crystals when killed and that was still the trailer, cannot imagine playing it

OtterX40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Those rageful one-liners shouted during kills crack me up. I just imagine all the fun things he could shout in that voice. "UH OH, SPAGHETTI-O'S!!!", "SHOULDA SWITCHED TO GEICO!!!", "IT'S NOT A TUMOR!!!"

Interloper40d ago

I came here to post this statement, but knew in my heart it had already been written. h

Babadook739d ago

This trailer was bad. I think if they had just edited it better (especially the dialogue) it would have helped.

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NecrumOddBoy40d ago

Looks like an early PS4 game. Come on Square, what are you doing?

40d ago
instantstupor40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Probably been in development a while, and this is still supporting PS4/XBO - the fact things have to support base XBO if they launch on last-gen XB is really tough for any modern game launch. Hopefully they have an improved version for PC/XSX/PS5 at/near launch.

And something tells me development is more on Koei than it is on Square, and KT has not historically ever focused on pushing visuals much.

-Foxtrot40d ago

If they wanted to tell some kind of origin story with Final Fantasy then they could have put more effort into it, the game looks like they had a shit load of assets from FF15 and the FFVII Remake that they made this.

I would have loved an origin like story about the Final Fantasy franchise, maybe a game which explains why every FF game has a different world and how they are all linked somehow in a multiverse. Go through levels and visit the early days of each Final Fantasy world with some familiar locations that fills in backstories or places in each game that has lore on it. For example how Odin was found in Centra Ruins in Final Fantasy VIII or maybe how the city of Zanarkand started off, the real city not the dream one.

Even if they remade the first FF it would have been something.

Sonic-and-Crash40d ago

the first thing i thought also ....a sloppy made ff15

Godmars29040d ago

"game looks like they had a shit load of assets from FF15 and the FFVII"


Relientk7740d ago

This was probably the only thing worth mentioning from this show. Wow the Square show was terrible.

Christopher40d ago

I thought the GotG game was the only worthwhile showing they had.

FinalFantasyFanatic40d ago

I also thought this, Guardians was the only thing that looked half decent, it's a hard pass on everything else.

I_am_Batman40d ago

Agreed. This one I'm looking forward to trying out though. Downloading the demo as we speak.

Everything else was either uninteresting or straight up disappointing. Babylon's Fall being a service game is a letdown. I love Platinum Games, but that trailer was embarrassing. And how do you not put the Final Fantasy pixel remaster on consoles?

curtain_swoosh40d ago

i dont quite understand how they dont put the FF pixel remaster games on consoles as a collection. NO instead, they release them on steam and mobile only, but WAIT not as a collection, but as seperate games. lol like what

FinalFantasyFanatic38d ago

Yeah, I already own all these games on Steam as well as double dipped on some titles for the PS4/Switch, so I doubt I'll ever buy these games.

FallenAngel198440d ago

Somebody needs to control that Chaos

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