Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster | E3 Teaser Trailer

The games that inspired a generation come to life once more, in the ultimate 2D pixel remaster. Coming soon to Steam and Mobile!

-Foxtrot1077d ago

I was SUPER f****** hyped for a second until I saw it was steam / mobile only

Like is it that hard to put it on consoles...

NecrumOddBoy1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

After the HD2D Remake of DQIII, I was also coming in with some hype. Square can drop great news and then turn around and trash the brand with this crap. It boggles my mind.

Chard1077d ago

Steam version is good news

Snookies121077d ago

Very true, means it'll probably get ported at some point.

porkChop1077d ago

I'm surprised it's going to mobile but not the Switch.

dumahim1077d ago

You might be able to cast Steam to your TV and play it that way.

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MetroidFREAK211077d ago

Mobile... pass and I have no intention on buying from steam

CrimsonWing691077d ago

Why in the ever loving hell is this not coming to consoles!?

TriniOutsider1077d ago

Their whole E3 presentation was such a mess. These games could've easily been on all the platforms.

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CrimsonWing69263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

I immediately went to these after finishing FF16 and it reminded me why I fell in love with this series in the first place. It had me on such a high I went through the task of platinuming FF9 and I have to say... that might be the greatest FF game in the entire series. Don't get me wrong, FF7 is up there, but if you play 1-6 and then go into 9, it's such an incredible love letter to the entire series before it.

I actually started up 10 to work on the platinum and, while the voice acting kills me, I'm really learning to appreciate 10 and I'm considering it to be the last good "traditional' FF game. Even though you can see the origins of where the series started to veer drastically off-course.

franwex263d ago

How did you do the jump rope trophy? I feel that’s impossible in the remake.

CrimsonWing69263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

Total cheese. Looked up a script to run and used Remote Play on a PC. There’s a bunch of really good YouTube tutorials on how to use it, but yea, without that I could never have gotten it.

As for Bloodlust, I set up a turbo controller at the part with the plant monsters that rush you in the first forest area and left my console on for 13 hours with auto battle, lol.

Those are the only 2 that I think were painful. Everything else is pretty easy with a walkthrough so you miss the ATEs.

Redgrave263d ago

As CrimsonWing said, there are PC scripts you can download and run through remote play. There is some tinkering involved though, between display and latency settings. It's individualized between each person based on your setup, but it's not too hard to find your sweet spot.

andy85263d ago

Nah its very possible. It's just the transition at 300 that's difficult. If you can get to 200 most goes you can easily get to 1000

shinoff2183263d ago

I would've bought the whole series if they didn't screw over the ps4 base with not releasing a physical I did buy 6 though.

PunksOnN4G263d ago

I would buy them all if they sold the dang disk for decent price and have enough to go aorund so i onyl bought 1 instead of all them and no plans to buy the rest till i can get a hard copy like they offered then tookaway from ps fans.

franwex263d ago

Any chance of a Dragon Quest collection by any chance there, Squre-ENIX?

Michiel1989263d ago

they are making a 2dhd version of DQ3 I think? or at least one of them, that's probably the closest you're gonna get anytime soon. I'm kinda hyped for it since I never played the series until 11 came out