Microsoft Flight Simulator For Xbox Series X|S Gets New Screenshots & Pricing Details

Microsoft revealed a press kit for the Xbox Series X|S version of Microsoft Flight Simulator with screenshots and information.

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Deathdeliverer41d ago

Will be saving money on this one. Was a game I was going to buy once it hit a discount. Won’t have to wait now. Day one for a deep discount.

ScootaKuH41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

The graphics on this are very impressive

Obscure_Observer41d ago

Looks stunning!

I can´t wait!

DJStotty41d ago

I can't wait for this next month, all i need now is AOE 4 and then i'm good or the year :p but i think i may have to play AOE on my PC as they still did not give a console date "sigh"

Master of Unlocking41d ago

The one game that could make me want to buy an Xbox Series X! It was originally supposed to release on the Xbox One as well, but as I thought they've realized there was no way they could make it run on that hardware apparently.

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