Halo Infinite Multiplayer Gameplay Debut Fires Out, Story Trailer Released

Halo fans, 343 Industries has finally given us our first look at Halo Infinite multiplayer gameplay! There's a new story trailer released too.

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EmperorDalek1081d ago

The trailer was more focused on showing off the microtransactions than the actual gameplay. They also dodged showing more campaign footage, that's not a good sign. Disappointing.

aconnellan1081d ago

“ The trailer was more focused on showing off the microtransactions”

What? In what way?

EmperorDalek1081d ago

It was so badly cut that it was hard to take in any real gameplay. But they did make sure to get a good shot of that Samurai outfit at the end.

It's free to play, and the presentation made it clear that this is a trailer for season 1. Just look at the video thumbnail - it's exactly how Fortnite advertises it's costumes.

I may have been fine with all this, but the little gameplay we did see was less than impressive. The new Battlefield was miles more impressive.

Vegamyster1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )


They're doing a full overview tomorrow of the multiplayer, I'd hardly consider 2-3 seconds of Samurai armour that looks like it might just be an updated version of the popular Hayabusa armour from Halo 3 a focus on microtransactions when the rest of the trailer was quickly going over new weapons/abilities.

ChasterMies1081d ago

Supply drops, all that colorful armor, different kinds of takedowns.

Rude-ro1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Nothing will change other than the map pop-ins.
What was shown last year is still the core game...

aconnellan1081d ago

“ How is it free? ” from your other comment.

They announced the multiplayer of Halo Infinite will be free to play

Tedakin1081d ago

The game is free. Sorry you may have to pay a dollar for an optional skin or something. :P

Rude-ro1081d ago

How is it free?
You either pay a monthly fee to access it or you purchase it.
Depending on how much you play defines the value of either way.

The idiocy of the sales pitch of “free” makes me shake my head with no hope.

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DJStotty1081d ago


"How is it free?
You either pay a monthly fee to access it or you purchase it."

False information at it's finest :-

1) MP is F2P, silver membership required, no monthly fee, free of charge

2) SP is all you pay for, either via Gamepass monthly sub, or physical/digital release £59.99

Suave_Langosta1081d ago

Deep dive on multiplayer is tomw, go read halo waypoint before coming to piss on everyone’s parade.

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yeahokwhatever1080d ago

Im not even a halo fan and i thought the mp gameplay trailer was excellent. blowing up weapons with grenades to pop them in the air to grab them is freaking sweet. along with the grappling hook mechanics paired with what seems to be old-school halo gameplay that made the series popular is pretty great.

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343_Guilty_Spark1081d ago

Looked significantly better in 4k

Jin_Sakai1081d ago

Not really. It’s improved but not by much. Still unimpressed. Forza Horizon 5 was easily the best looking game.

TheGreatGazoo301081d ago

Forza is striving to be photo-realistic, Halo isn't. Halo has its own art style that's somewhere between real and cartoon. Always has, (except 4/5 which unfortunately broke toward more real, even though 4 was an amazing game).

waverider1081d ago

Agree. Forza was the only next gen gameplay trailer. Halo isnt. Dont care if its running at 240 frames. Those graphics arent next gen. Gameplay should be great. But grapics wise is average

DJStotty1081d ago

Like is said before, and i do wish people will take it in.

Halo has never been the showcase of an xbox's capability
Forza is the showcase, as was the same this year.

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yeahokwhatever1080d ago

"Halo has never been the showcase of an xbox's capability" the first one sure was. anyways, Halos graphics are kinda weak, but thats OK! the game looks fun! the excuse that its just the "style" of halo is kind of silly when cartoony games that look better than anything else exist (Ratchet and Clank, I mean holy cow). still, this halo looks like a ton of fun.

-PS5/PC gamer

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Rude-ro1081d ago

Literally ANY game looks better in 4K.

Tetris is still Tetris even if it looks great in 4K

Kurt Russell1081d ago

Tetris is incredible. Good shout out.

YourMommySpoils1081d ago

You wont believe how good it looks in 8K