Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Sails into Sea of Thieves in the Ultimate Pirate Crossover

Today, Rare and Xbox are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Disney, as the award-winning Sea of Thieves and Pirates of the Caribbean join forces at last. This monumental crossover will see Captain Jack Sparrow and his infamous crew arrive from beyond the horizon to spark an epic new adventure on the Sea of Thieves.

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coolbeans46d ago

"That's got to be the best crossover I have ever seen."

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instantstupor46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Hopefully this means there's something coming that's akin to more traditional, structured content. I tried to play SoT a while back, but its structure felt kinda like (a less impressive) NMS - interesting sandbox, but very reliant on you to make your own fun within it. I get this game is likely just not for me - which, hey, fair - but it couldn't hurt for them to try to expand their playerbase by courting people like me lol.

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Tedakin46d ago

The Tall Tales are a structured story campaign. Try those. They're really well done.

agnosticgamer46d ago

Sea of Thieves with no AI crewmate options or single player campaign option isn't for me but it is a cool crossover. I also like that it was announced as free DLC... Sea of Thieves has done an amazing job with massive free content updates over the lifespan of the game. I am glad it turned into a success and found a rather large audience even if it doesn't include me.