STALKER 2 Gameplay & Release Date Revealed, Will Come to Xbox Consoles First

During today's Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, GSC Game World gave everyone our first look at STALKER 2 gameplay! The release date is set for April 28, 2022, but will be coming first to Xbox platforms (and PC) first.

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LordoftheCritics40d ago

Woah that gun was slick.

Anomalies were trippy back then and still are in this. Looking great.

ABizzel140d ago

This actually looked really good. I haven't played Stalker in forever, and what they showed didn't really look like the mechanics from the old games (inventory management wasn't shown, bleed out, etc...). Gameplay looks like Call of Duty Horror, but if they bring the other elements of Stalker into it, this could be special.

THEzRude40d ago

Game will have full modding support from day 1. So only sky is the limit how gritty and brutal the game can be made.

Deathdeliverer40d ago

Never played stalker before but I’m interested. Lots of games I would have bought on my PS5 if they would have come on there first. Now with game pass I won’t have to. Don’t know who loses in this scenario, the dev that would have got full price, or the gaming community as a whole. Only one I’m sure is winning in this deal is my pocket.

annoyedgamer39d ago

Get it on a PC. You get mod support, lower prices and you dont have to give Microsoft money.

TheRealTedCruz39d ago

I was worried, being "STALKER 2" had experienced development hell for over a decade; but I like what I saw, and it seems GSC is doing good work.
Definitely one of my most anticipated games in the works.

Bender650239d ago

The game looks great, but timed exclusivity? C'mon MS you've been do so well recently, but these tactics go against everything MS is supposedly striving for. Anyone, anywhere, anytime. Don't be petty. Exclusive first party okay, if you must, but meaningless timed exclusives? Me not like

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