Crytek: Crysis Will Run on 2-3 y.o. Rigs

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli tells Next-Gen that new technology will allow the upcoming Crysis to run on gaming rigs up to three years old; developer also talks about going "Vista-only" and the transition to DX10, Vista and multi-core processors.

Yerli explains how Frankfurt-based Crytek plans to make the sharp-looking FPS Crysis accessible to a wide audience of PC gamers. "We developed almost all effects to be very scalable for different hardware specs," he says. "Fortunately this is much easier now that we can rely on the existence of hardware shaders. We believe clearly that Crysis will be enjoyed by a large audience that dates back to gamers with two- to three-year-old gaming rigs."

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TheMART4908d ago

If that's the case, they have no reason not to bring them over to consoles. Todays next gen consoles are hardly less powerfull then the most powerfull PC config.

Crysis would be able to run just fine with these new techniques of hardware shaders

Ota4908d ago

Great, but will Vista run on 2-3 years old rigs (properly)?
Not so sure about that.

Rooted_Dust4908d ago

Vista is not a requirment for Crysis. It is only required if you plan to buy a DX10 capable vido card to run the game at highest quality.

Marriot VP4908d ago

Alright, there's no way I'm upgrading my PC...AGAIN. If crysis turns out to be amazing i'll consider buying it. As long as it'll run on medium settings with what I have. If not, no biggy. I've got plenty more killer games for the 360 coming out. If crytek doesn't want to be a part of that, too bad.


4400 x2
1 gb xms
7600gt bfg

JohnCarpenter4908d ago

I guess it runs on 3 years old systems. But fully downscaled it may look like far cry.

zonetrooper54908d ago

If i was you paul i would just upgrade your ram to 2B and maybe upgrade your graphics card.

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