Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is Visually Out of This World

COG writes: If you've been waiting anxiously to feast your eyes on some incredible gameplay of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade then you've come to the right place because we've got a couple videos just for you.

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Paleblood100d ago

The game looks amazing on PS5 and Yuffie is so cool.

DarthMarvin100d ago

Absolute babe. She single-handedly gave me yellow fever.

philm8799d ago

@VerminSC it's a racist term for an Asian fetish.

DarthMarvin99d ago

@Phlegm87 It's 2021, literally everything is apparently racist. Calm your tits.

philm8799d ago

@DeathMarvin Calling Asian people yellow is a well known racist slur, this isn't new. I agree that things go way over the top and anything is pretty much considered racist these days, but this is not a new one! If you don't consider yourself racist you should maybe just be more careful.

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It definitely is out of this world. I deleted my PS4 file (or didn't transfer it over) just so I could start fresh with the new graphics. The min Cloud hops of that train it was love at first sight. Those graphics are AMAZING. Well done S.E.

Babadook7100d ago

This game is the gift (to ps fans) that keeps giving. An amazing next gen version, totally free, a great bonus mission, and surprisingly exclusive still to PlayStation.

Master of Unlocking99d ago

For some reason it tells me I can't download the free PS5 upgrade on the PC PS Store over here, though.

philm8799d ago

Do you have the PS Plus version?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi100d ago

I'm gonna pick it up as soon as I finish Ratchet. But I am surprised it doesn't run at 4k60. It's not like they added ray tracing.

instantstupor100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

It is and it isn't. If you just wanted to run the game as it was on PS4 at 4k60, done. Should be no problems there. But this game got higher quality assets/rendering/lighting/etc. So if you tried running that version on a base PS4, it would choke well below the 1080p30 it ran at.

On top of that, 4k is 4 times as pixel-dense as 1080p. The game ran at 1080p30 on base PS4, a ~2 tflop console. So running 4k60 would be not only 4 times the pixels, but those 8 million pixels rendering twice as many times per second as well. Even at ~10 tflops for the PS5, that's tough to do with added visual improvements. And 4k60 is a beast of a spec to run, even on high-end PCs that cost well above PS5's MSRP.

And native 4k is generally the worst place to spend a majority of your rendering budget (especially given how comparably close things like 1800p can look even without upscaling). It's why Nvidia and AMD are both focusing on upscaling techniques to allow lower pixel counts to remain sharp, so rendering budgets can be better spent on improving the visuals themselves. I'm all for it on PC, and even more for it on consoles where I'm always playing at couch-distance from the screen. I'm happy to play most PC games at 1440p60 on my 4k TV simply because it is hard to notice when resolution doesn't match native at that distance.

I think we're going to slowly see the focus on native resolution slowly slip out of the conversation in lockstep with improvements to upscaling techniques, and as we see more games take advantage of them.

MetroidFREAK21100d ago

It's honestly the best looking game I've played yet

UnSelf100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

you should see Ratchet. Im not even a fan and I bought it and the shit looks better than any game I have ever seen in my life

Babadook7100d ago

I bought and tested both INTERgrade and Rift Apart the same day. All I’ll say is it’s not that big of a difference with both being top end visually.

MetroidFREAK21100d ago

I just bought Ratchet today, I'll check it out tomorrow

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