New Screen Attachment Promises Portability to Xbox Series S

Independent hardware developer UPspec Gaming promises to turn the Xbox Series S into a portable device. It will do this with a screen attachment named xScreen.

The Company aims to turn Microsoft‘s Xbox Series S into a semi-portable console with the xScreen add-on. Many Series S users will be able to use their consoles comfortably in many places with this new accessory. It’s clear that they’re aiming to be one of the first major third-party accessories released for Microsoft’s new console.

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anast719d ago

One gimmick after another...

thesoftware730719d ago (Edited 719d ago )

Huh? Gimmick? How old are you and why are you such a troll?

Dude I had a screen like this for my Gamecube and PS2 back in the day. I think almost every console has had screen attachments.

As a matter of fact if you go to Amazon, there are 100s of 2nd screens for sale that can be used for consoles, 2nd PC screen, a presentation screen and even a mini t.v.

Smh, you are for real , you really are.

XboxCore719d ago

You just sent me back on a massive Nostalgia trip thinking about the portable Gamecube Screen. Funny enough, I know it's still in my basement somewhere. This inspired me to find it so one day my kids can experience playing gamecube in some odd location :D

Gunstar75719d ago

Yep. I had one for my gamecube and took it on holiday to feurteventura.

It was crap quality though lol

Godmars290719d ago

Either some old redundant gimmick, given plans to stream on phones, branded TVs and streaming sticks for non-brand TVs, or, as it very much is, some 3rd party making the mistake of retreading this old redundant gimmick.

Highrevz719d ago

I had the PS1 slim with the lcd screen that I would take on holidays or camping trips. I haven’t thought about that in years but your comment brought back a flood of nostalgic memories.

anast718d ago

"Smh, you are for real , you really are." Try saying this in front of a mirror just to see what it looks like. I am sure you will come to the conclusion that...well, I am sure you will figure this part out.

Those screen were gimmicks back in the day. They were the least remembered part of either system.

Army_of_Darkness718d ago

But more importantly, can you take it with you while on the can??

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anast718d ago

Irony once again. You can make this stuff up. Really you can't.

Orchard719d ago

If you don’t like it don’t buy it 🤷

anast718d ago

But I can comment it on it. There is that choice as well. "shrugs"

Orchard718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

Well while you are commenting on things…

I’m still waiting on you telling me on your previous comment where the Walmart is which you claim is discounting next gen Xbox’s because they can’t sell them.

Waiting for over a week now. Perhaps you just talk constant garbage.

aconnellan719d ago

You know this is being made by some random company, right? Not Microsoft?

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Notellin718d ago

Believe it or not people have jobs that require travel. Let those people decide if it's a gimmick and keep your edge lord comments to yourself.

anast718d ago

This is actually curious. Can you tell me the process that goes behind tell people how to communicate? Really what does this process look like?

"edge lord" I don't know what this means. And most likely it's useless terminology in an pragmatic and an artistic sense. Was this born out of people that can only read with pictures?

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darthv72719d ago

Gotta admit, that looks slick. I have screens on psone and slim ps2.

chiefJohn117719d ago

I called it!!!! Technically this is MS but did I not say there would be a switch like series S?

Zeref718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

This isn't a Switch like Series S at all lol

But I still believe one is coming sooner or later

Orchard719d ago

This is pretty cool. I travel a lot for work and a lot of hotels fit their TV’s in a way that you can’t get at the HDMI ports - I’ll probably pick something like this up once I can find a series S - the console size really makes it perfect for travel.

ScootaKuH719d ago

I don't know where you are in the world but Amazon UK have had Series S readily available for months now.

Orchard719d ago (Edited 719d ago )

I’m in the states. Can’t find an X or S anywhere - X will be my first purchase of course. S only once travel is back to “normal”.

Managed to nab a PS5 though - so I can at least get in on next gen games.

chiefJohn117719d ago

Add keyboard and mouse and boom the Xbox laptop is official

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