Burnout Paradise Restarting an Event?

Will we finally be able to restart an event in Burnout Paradise without having to drive all the way back?

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Parapraxis3627d ago

Forum post or not, this fellow has a keen eye and it's very newsworthy to fans of Burnout Paradise.

Marcello3627d ago

I can now buy Burnout Paradise for the PC when it arrives, i had bought it for the PS3 but this problem drove me up the wall so i sold it, jeez its only taken them a year to add it oh well beter late then never.

I wonder wat the chances are of getting the chevrons in the game ?? beats having to pause the game every junction to see where you need to go :(

CheesePie3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Thanks Dude! Appreciate it!

I hope they also do this in the ps3 version! Maybe with a patch?

Simon_Brezhnev3627d ago

agree with cheesepie i hope they have a patch soon for the ps3 version

micro_invader3627d ago

Yeah, it would be really helpful. Hopefully we'll get a patch soon.

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Microsoft_Spokesman3627d ago

With this feature or without, this game ROCKS!

ThatArtGuy3627d ago

I already have my Criterion Elite license, so it's of no importance to me now. However, it is a nice addition.

agentace3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

the races are way too easy anyway so you never need to restart cause you win all the time, apart from 1 or 2 times were you completly screw up but then you just do the next race that you ended up on.. but i guess its good for the people you you find racing games hard

HB-Sauce3627d ago

Just the stunt runs where you need to get 500 000 points in 45 seconds are where I could see the restart button helping. Also, I just got my Elite license last night so it doesn't really help me.

f7897903574d ago

Getting to the elite licence is when you need restart the most. Those races that cross the map are so annoying when you fail.