Battlefield 2042 “Plus” System Lets Players Change Gun Attachments In-Game, New Screenshot Released

The Battlefield 2042 Plus system will let gamers change gun attachments in-game on the fly! New screenshot features the amazing face visuals the game has for its characters.

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excaliburps101d ago

Indeed. Almost all MP shooters don't allow this. I gather for game balance? Hopefully, we get multiple loadout slots per class, and then be able to do this for different scenarios.

annoyedgamer101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Remember that video of then EA CEO talking about charging for reloads? People revolted and he stepped down. Now the concept is back if the "plus system" is paid.

Remember, the powers of the world government/corporate have all the time in the world to wait you out and re introduce their evil. All the consoomers have to do is be complacent, and boy are they complacent.

Nitrowolf2101d ago

I really doubt they are going to charge for that system lol they would need to be all kinds of dumb

101d ago
Nitrowolf2101d ago


Yes because at that point it’s a pay to win mechanic. You really think they are going to lock a huge gameplay feature behind a paywall?

porkChop101d ago

His resignation had nothing to do with those comments. That happened in 2011, and he left in 2013. He left after EA missed their financial targets, probably due to the SimCity online disaster.

JustTheFax101d ago

haha my first thought was, I bet they are going to charge for this "Plus" system.

excaliburps101d ago

Even without respawning and still alive? You can do that in Warface?

bamillington101d ago

As a long tern battlefield fan im a little sceptical for bf2042 as the last 2 games were rubbish

Aussiesummer101d ago

I bet this is a paid thing, dear lord.