Gearbox E3 2021 Digital Showcase

Gearbox Software is streaming some stuff. We don't know what. Expect Borderlands something.


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CaptainHenry91641d ago

E3 has been disappointing at the moment.

monkey60241d ago

Why did Gearbox even host this?! They've nothing to show! Good grief I thought Ubisoft were bad but Gearbox came in quick to make that show look good and set the bar even lower.

curtain_swoosh41d ago

haha good, so i dont have to watch the ubisoft event then.
the only thing i was kinda looking forward, was wonderlands, but thats only cause im a borderlands fan ha.
the rest was meh indeed

blackblades41d ago

Thats why you don't watch any of them but the console makers shows.

Vengeance113841d ago

Very much looking forward to the new Godfall content. Day 1 for me right there.