Devolver Digital Direct E3 2021

It's Devolver. Expect anything and nothing.

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Fluttershy7741d ago

Instead of selling games they should make a stage play

VerminSC41d ago

Why when they can do both hahaha

jjb198141d ago

They publish so many great games. This will be interesting.

monkey60241d ago

Love their games but I can't deal with the formula they do these in. I'll wait until it is over and scan past the drama between announcements

MeteorPanda40d ago

the Wizard with a gun and one other isometric game had my attention.

WICKED_Wildcard41d ago

That was better than I expected! Great work.

sourOG41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Day 1 and the preshow were kinda dull to be honest. I was expecting a breakout year, I’m wrong so far. Trek to Yomi looks amazing, that’s the only stand out for me. That and JW evolution 2 but that’s not e3 style hype. I hope Xbox and Bethesda kill it tomorrow and save my prediction. So far it’s meh.

neutralgamer199241d ago

They have already said temper your expectations so I wouldn't go watch with really high hopes. Halo will be the showcase along with Forza and I am sure we will get an update/trailer maybe for starfield (if SF is a late 2022 title we may not get much)

sourOG41d ago

That would suck. I’m hoping it’s a big Bethesda year. It’s fun when they have a good year.

neutralgamer199241d ago

Yeah you have to take into account they released games right before the acquisition by Microsoft and few of their studios are working on PS5 timed exclusives so we might be few years out

phoenixwing41d ago

That stinks. I was holding out a sliver of hope for elder scrolls 6 trailer

sourOG41d ago

Yeah you’re probably right but first year big showing, it could happen. You didn’t have to kill my hype, the first couple days already did lol.

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neutralgamer199240d ago

😂 here is hoping for amazing announcements /showings man. E3 week use to be special but now so much stuff is leaked ahead of time and with all the rumors it's hard to get exited

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