Devolver Digital Direct E3 2021

It's Devolver. Expect anything and nothing.

Fluttershy77834d ago

Instead of selling games they should make a stage play

VerminSC834d ago

Why when they can do both hahaha

jjb1981834d ago

They publish so many great games. This will be interesting.

monkey602834d ago

Love their games but I can't deal with the formula they do these in. I'll wait until it is over and scan past the drama between announcements

MeteorPanda834d ago

the Wizard with a gun and one other isometric game had my attention.

WICKED_Wildcard834d ago

That was better than I expected! Great work.

sourOG834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

Day 1 and the preshow were kinda dull to be honest. I was expecting a breakout year, I’m wrong so far. Trek to Yomi looks amazing, that’s the only stand out for me. That and JW evolution 2 but that’s not e3 style hype. I hope Xbox and Bethesda kill it tomorrow and save my prediction. So far it’s meh.

neutralgamer1992834d ago

They have already said temper your expectations so I wouldn't go watch with really high hopes. Halo will be the showcase along with Forza and I am sure we will get an update/trailer maybe for starfield (if SF is a late 2022 title we may not get much)

sourOG834d ago

That would suck. I’m hoping it’s a big Bethesda year. It’s fun when they have a good year.

neutralgamer1992834d ago

Yeah you have to take into account they released games right before the acquisition by Microsoft and few of their studios are working on PS5 timed exclusives so we might be few years out

phoenixwing834d ago

That stinks. I was holding out a sliver of hope for elder scrolls 6 trailer

sourOG834d ago

Yeah you’re probably right but first year big showing, it could happen. You didn’t have to kill my hype, the first couple days already did lol.

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neutralgamer1992834d ago

😂 here is hoping for amazing announcements /showings man. E3 week use to be special but now so much stuff is leaked ahead of time and with all the rumors it's hard to get exited

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Embracer open to divesting studios, confirms more closures are likely

"On the divestment side there is a strong vibrant market with many, many active players."

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ApocalypseShadow3d ago

Sounds like you purchased them more like they were limited edition coins or stamps to profit from with a sale than really doing anything with the acquisitions.

Now, it's looking for buyers and shoving the rest out into the unemployment line.

Barlos1d 6h ago

Sure Tencent will be waiting in the wings to snap up a few bargains.

Sashamaz2h ago(Edited 1h ago)

At least Tencent gets things done, though I can see Microsoft already eying up a few studios if not all of them. I hope this is not the death of Deus Ex, I need more.

StarkR3ality1d 3h ago

Genuinely don't think there's been a bigger fuck up of a company I can think of in gaming. Buy all these IP and studios and then close them all down, wtf.

0hMyGandhi22h ago

I know, right? who do they think they are, EA?

Tapani21h ago(Edited 21h ago)

Embracer really did not know how to manage these companies. This is what happens with too fast expansion in business.

The laws are simple, make profit margin of 10-15% from the get go from each of your companies/studios, or you have to fire people and projects will be delayed or cancelled. Their salary and other operational costs were too high. I can't believe they didn't crunch the numbers well enough. I was always thinking where does the money come from.

Many workers who have families may lose their source of income and it has a real effect on them because some megalomaniac pretend executive didn't do their job. The good news is that most of the talent will likely find a new home very easily. The bad news is that lot of the good work they put in may be lost forever.

YourMommySpoils20h ago

They are pulling off a Microsoft and destroying companies.


Celebrating 15 Years of DRM-Free Gaming: GOG's Journey from Nostalgia to Triple A Releases

On the eve of its 15th anniversary, GOG, the digital distribution platform known for offering DRM-free games, reflects on its journey and the importance of game preservation. During Gamescom Sector had a chance to talk to PR manager Gabriela Siemienkowicz, who told them what surprises they have in store for us and shared her insights into the platform's mission and the unique place it holds in the gaming community.


Microsoft Execs Considered Bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming On PS5 Through A Browser

Microsoft executives seemingly considered bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming to the Sony PlayStation 5 through a browser.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 23h ago

If that happens xbox wouldn't be a console business no more imo.

Jin_Sakai1d 22h ago

So much weird crap has come out from all this this. They honestly don’t know what the hell to do with Xbox.

fr0sty1d 2h ago

This is where it is eventually heading, gamepass will go platform agnostic and MS will stop making hardware. The writing has been on the wall for years.

Fishy Fingers1d 22h ago

Its no different to what they did with Apple when they wouldn't allow a proprietary Xcloud/gamepass app.

Xcloud by definition is the opposite of 'console business', its entire purpose is the lack of requirement for console/dedicated hardware. They want it on anything with a browser.