Ubisoft Announces Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, Coming in 2022

As the capper to today's Ubisoft Forward digital show, Ubisoft announced Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, which is a first-person adventure game.

Relientk771077d ago

This was easily the best thing from Ubisoft's show. It looks pretty cool so far.

excaliburps1077d ago

First-person action game, who'd have thought!

-Foxtrot1077d ago

Far Cry: Blue Smurf Edition

Magog1076d ago

It worked so so in Mirror's Edge.

1076d ago
DOMination-1076d ago

People endlessly complained last year with the non-gameplay Valhalla trailer but now this is best in show? At least with Assassins Creed we know how the game would function. With Avatar we have absolutely nothing to go on right now.

seanpitt231076d ago

This E3 has been very poor so far let’s hope Microsoft can pull it out of the bag for the first time in a near a decade

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boing11076d ago

No. Pre-rendered on engine.

boing11076d ago

You can disagree all you want. I know for a fact that it's pre-rendered on Snowdrop. This game is at least 3 years in development already.

camel_toad1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

It even says rendered on the Snowdrop engine at the beginning of the video. Of course that doesn't necessarily translate to the final game looking that good. Ubi has a long history of doing this.

VerminSC1076d ago

I’m really excited about this! I know it’s Ubisoft and they definitely haven’t been the best lately but I prefer being an optimist. My only disappointment is, I wish it was 3rd person.

sourOG1076d ago

Is there still a large fan base for this franchise? It seems late to me lol.

darthv721076d ago

There are movies slated to release soon.

phoenixwing1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

Even if they weren't, it's better to release a good game later on than junk that coincides with the flavor of the month ( looking at you square enix avengers game)

specialguest1076d ago

That's my thought too. It's been too long since the movie was out

DivineHand1251076d ago

I suppose there are people who are excited for this game. My first impression of it is that I am not very impressed. The visuals looks great but I will wait and see what the game is about. Knowing Ubisoft it will have some sort of RPG element so that they can sell you "time savers" and other types of microtransactions.

senorfartcushion1076d ago

Only if you ignore the marketing for games and films for the next two years😅

People talk about it being too late for films like this while films like Ghostbusters 3 are being hyped to hell prior to releasing this year. Nostalgia is an addictive substance and they know this. It’s probably better for them that they wait longer

sourOG1076d ago

I haven’t seen any marketing and I had no idea another movie was being made.

It’s not “retro” yet so nostalgia doesn’t factor in lol. It’s feels too late and too early for any kind of hype. People were not hyped about chick ghostbusters, they are hyped because it continues the original story line.

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Knightofelemia1076d ago

Wish the movie was out all ready from 2009 until the wait is worse then waiting for Xmas