Far Cry 6 – Play as Legendary Villains With the Season Pass

Vaas Montenegro. Pagan Min. Joseph Seed. These three villains built a reign of terror across Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, and Far Cry 5, but in the Far Cry 6 Season Pass, you’ll be the one taking the reins. In each of the three DLC Episodes included in the Season Pass, you’ll play as one of these major antagonists as you delve inside their minds to uncover their backstories, encounter familiar faces, and find out what it’s like to become the villain.

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RosweeSon44d ago

On about season pass already 😂 💰 😑

Yi-Long43d ago

Only thing announcing a Season Pass accomplishes is making sure I’ll skip the game at release to wait for a cheap complete edition instead. If I’m even still interested by then.

DLC greed has only made me spend less on these games, not more.

RosweeSon43d ago

Yeah it just makes me laugh, there were times when this all would have been 1 whole game
Nowadays certain devs take the piss. So £50/60 for a yearly churned game and another £20/30 for a season pass to round out the whole package. No thanks. Rinse and repeat every 12-18 months max 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣 ✌🏻

RosweeSon43d ago

It’ll be a £10er in 6 months 😑😜🤣✌&# 127995;

Yi-Long43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

@Roswee; It’s worse than that. I don’t doubt the base-game will be ‘complete’ and worth the money (50-60 bucks), BUT when they announce a Season Pass and post-launch DLC, I just feel like they’re nickel & diming me, and when I start up the game, it will have notices that I should be buying such and such expansion/content, and I don’t need to have it thrown in my face that I paid 50 bucks for game that’s seemingly ‘incomplete’.

So I’d rather just wait, or skip the game completely.

The worst is fighting games where half your roster is ‘greyed out’. No thanks. Skip.

irishyort43d ago

First season pass I've ever been interested in for the Farcry series. Sign me up for this one