Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Road Ahead Unveiled, Second Year of Content Announced

Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Viking adventure made a huge splash in 2020 – so huge, in fact, that in a first for the series, it's getting a second year of DLC content. And before that happens, there's still plenty on the way for Year 1, with today's Ubisoft Forward presentation revealing the first gameplay footage of The Siege of Paris expansion, as well as Assassin's Creed Valhalla's own Discovery Tour.

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Smok911078d ago

This is the most boring story to a game I’ve ever finished lol

_SilverHawk_1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

Lol. I've had hours in it so far and I've been waiting for it to get a bit more interesting. I think you just spoiled it for me

-Foxtrot1078d ago

Oh so instead of doing AC every year they are just going to swap that out for doing DLC for the last one released

What’s the difference?

This shit over Splinter Cell? Come on man. It’s not even a good ASSASSINS Creed game

--Onilink--1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

According to Jason Schrier there was a Ubisoft Sofia AC game that was cancelled and converted to the 2nd year of Valhalla DLC, I guess it wasnt really in their plans but it was easier and had less business impact to make that conversion rather than completely scrapping it

chicken_in_the_corn1078d ago

That was being reported before Schreier said it

GameZenith1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

Lol, love how the internet likes to trash this game yet this is the largest selling AC game since ACIII.

Your internet tears means nothing.

Get at me...

--Onilink--1078d ago

Well, I dont think its that useful (and probably companies are being careful about using it as a baseline) to use metrics for anything that released during the pandemic because gaming in general saw a MASSIVE boost overall.

Still though, its AC and Ubisoft, people will always complain.

As for the game itself, having played and enjoyed both the traditional and RPG ones, this is probably the most boring one to date. Like unbelievably boring, the story would only pick up some steam every now and then but then immediately sink down again, which is a shame because I think they had some pretty good ideas to try to find a middle ground between the classic AC and the RPG elements of Origins and Odyssey.

Ultimately, being the most successful launch for an AC is not something I would necessarily take as a metric for the game being amazing, because given how long it is, its possible a lot of people didnt finish it or found it not that good in the end, but they still contribute to that metric

neutralgamer19921078d ago

Sure and your point? COD is the best selling game every year and cyberpunk still sold a lot of copies whole completely broken so sales doesn't mean quality. If you enjoyed it more power to you

jjb19811078d ago

I think a lot people bought it because they needed something to play with their shiny new Series X or PS5. I bought it for series X and got bored with it really quick. I had nothing else to buy for it except Legion which is just crap. I really enjoy Odyssey, Origins and Black Flag much more.

Seraphim1078d ago

after Odyssey I felt like this was going to be a snooze fest. Outside the Viking theme nothing about this game clicked with me. Matter of fact Valhalla is the first AC game aside from Rogue I never even bought and I still have zero interest or desire to. Everything I see just doesn't seem or sound appealing in the slightest. To top it off it's like they string more pathetic excuses for stories along to pad game play time. I don't mind a long game but AC's progression of story is even worse than the first half of Days Gone.

northpaws1078d ago

Origins > Odyssey > Valhalla

It is getting more and more boring...

northpaws1078d ago

There are no tears, just stating the fact that it is crap. Most boring entry of all AC. They need to retire this series. Leap of Faith stopped being interesting long ago.

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Modern Games Are Getting Too Long

While there’s a lot to love about modern video games, there is one trend — particularly in the AAA space — that tends to grate: their length.

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GoodGuy0960d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Games are coming out with too much fluff and side activities that are horribly dull. That's my main issue with all these open world games. Open world should be about exploration, discovery and wonder, not have some stupid 10s or 100s of boring activities spread throughout.

IAMRealHooman58d ago

100% agree
All these ubisoft titles, Farcry, AC, Ghost recon, boast huge maps, but with the same, 3 missions or the same base to clear 100s of times. Hour 1 of any of those titles is the same as hour 100, there big for the sake of being big, with the illusion of player freedom, where we really want depth and player expression.

Ninver57d ago

Give me a solid 15-20 hour engaging single player driven IP any day. Life's too short you dig.

isarai58d ago

I stopped buying overfluffed games like a decade ago. Cant stand games with the Ubisoft mindset of just filling maps with uselss collectibles and fodder. Make it mean something. Ill gladly take 1/4 size of the map and 1/10th the "content" if it all meant more, were more unique and greater affect on your progression.

Abnor_Mal58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Well people complained like the world was ending when a few games were six to ten hours of gameplay. Developers listened and started making longer games full of repetitive gameplay, time wasting fetch quest and other forms of bloat. In doing so they were able to justify the high cost of a game being sold to the customers at seventy dollars or more.

H958d ago

Filler, it's like a 80 episodes show where only the first and last episodes actually matter

Inverno58d ago

It's been a problem with pretty much every modern AAA game all through last gen and this gen. God forbid you point it out tho because all these big games are masterpieces and people lose their minds if you criticize them. Death Stranding is a fetch quest fest, but people will die defending it cause it's a "masterpiece".