SBG: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning review


"Some public quest chains end with bosses are way too difficult for their areas, and as the number of characters passing through low-level areas decreases, this will only exascerbate the problem; this too is fixable, though. Also problematic is that the game depends on other players being on and on equal distribution of Order and Destruction sides. They have already offered some measures to prevent and cure this problem: when rolling on a server, even if that server is currently low, it will say if it has a high population. The queues for every single server on every single side are on the server list. Also, queues and population are listed by each side, not each server. They've even allowed 5 of the high-population servers to clone (not transfer) characters to other servers in order to alleviate server stress.

One last aspect to cover: the crafting system leaves a lot to be desired. The professions are simple, poorly explained, and unrewarding, though we haven't fully seen them in action. The auction house and banking system haven't really been experienced, either, and neither has end-game PVE, which could turn out to be a bore. Still, they have time to fix it and people aren't playing this game for the crafting or PVE anyway. They're playing it for a breath of fresh air, some fun combat and PVP action, and great, unique guild mechanics. WAR isn't for everyone, but anyone who loves world PVP, team scenarios, territory control, or coordinated, roaming posses should take a look."

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