Marketplace points on the cheap

Outpost is selling 1600 MP for $14.99US. The usual price is $19.99US. So bulk up and save a few dollars. (: If you live outside of the U.S., we have some bad news for you. Click read more for the details.

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ScorpioKyle6187d ago

Deal is dead, when you add them to your cart the price is back to 19.99. glad i ordered 2 this morning. was following it on CAG forums

ScorpioKyle6186d ago

they're on backorder too for a lot of people who ordered them

Qofthedead6187d ago

Whats the bad news if i live outside of the U.S It never does exactly tell you what the bad news is. RRRRRR

Marriot VP6186d ago

dang I missed it. Not too happy about having to pay 5 bucks to change my name though.

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