SBG: Mega Man 9 review


"Thankfully, Mega Man 9 is not all new twists on old tricks and hair-pulling frustration. The old password system has been abandoned for a more modern (and much welcome) multiple-slot save file. The ability to charge up the Mega Buster, first introduced in Mega Man 4, has been removed as well; this returns the player's focus on the special weapons, which had been lacking ever since the charge shot became commonplace. Finally, the developers have put forth 50 challenges to test your Mega Mettle, ranging from simple time attacks to hardcore demonstrations of skill; online leaderboards even offer bragging rights to the fastest of the fast. As if that was not enough, some downloadable content is also available to provide further challenges.

In an age where it seems unusual for a year to go by without a half-dozen new games bearing some sort of Mega Man title being released, the sprawling franchise has finally returned to its roots with Mega Man 9. Two-button 8-bit action gameplay may not be everyone's favorite genre, but Mega Man 9 is an experience every gamer should have. It is a labor of love from its creators (including the father of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune), and a testament to how basic gameplay elements can still produce an exceptional gameplay experience."

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