Microsoft Store spills Yakuza: Like a Dragon for Xbox Game Pass

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is coming to Gamepass.

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Si-Fly654d ago (Edited 654d ago )

Sweet, hopefully it drops during the presentation tomorrow …

JenGotGame653d ago

Knew this was coming, but I already bought it and have no regrets, such a awesome game. Played Yakuza 0, then went straight to this because I love turn based story driven games way more than action based.

itsmebryan653d ago

Great. I was just about to buy it. Gamepass is great.

Father__Merrin654d ago

It's a great gamepass game but I've only till start of July before my GPU is up. I dunno whether to carry on for another 3 months guess tomorrow's conference will make my mind up or not

DoctorBongRippa653d ago

Lol just make a new account every month and buy the trial for $1. You can play on your main works on PC and Xbox. Have spent like less than $10 since September 2020 and played over several hundreds of dollars worth of games for nothing.

Orbilator653d ago

Is this not stupid as you can't carry your gamer score.? If that's all you want to do I guess it's fine but true gamers dont do stuff like that as it's about your tag, your score and your respect.

--Onilink--653d ago


“True gamers”…. Lol that was fun.

Putting aside that constantly creating accounts sounds very annoying (and petty tbh), gamerscore and trophies are basically a cherry on top at best, completely irrelevant at worst. No one should really be putting any extra real value into them, they are just arbitrary scores/points

John_McClane653d ago

That's extremely dishonest.

Deathdeliverer653d ago


……I don’t mean to be rude… but that might be the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever read. Especially if you’re over 18. Please be under 18.

RedDevils653d ago

Who care about Gamer score or trophy. I already platinum this game, is that mean I should stop playing it? I rather save money than some stupid digital badge.

SurgicalMenace653d ago

Anything not to do your part in supporting the industry, huh? Not a supporter of GP, as I prefer to buy my games like an adult. This is an example of exactly why MS can't actually sell games and has to buy them to GIVE them away. Perhaps if you'd actually think about what goes into a game, as a whole, you'd be willing to think about something besides your own pocket.

No wonder all the best content happens to elude the Xbox while Sony and Nintendo continue to flourish. Their supporters are actually willing to support their efforts. I can't understand how people can't see how the affects of being so selfish can harm the community. I digress....

MadLad653d ago (Edited 653d ago )


Calm down, champ.

"I buy my games, like an adult"

If you have any television subscription services, you better only be purely watching their original content, or else you're a complete hypocrite.

Something tells me you probably are.

While you mull that over, I'll enjoy the fact another quality title is coming to the quality service because I'm a consumer. Not somebody who feels the need to spend much more money just to award myself brownie points for being a big "adult" real gamer.

Father__Merrin653d ago

Making new account every month is extreme cheap skating no thanks.

Vasto653d ago

Nah, that is silly. Every month you will have to start over in every game that you are playing.

DoctorBongRippa653d ago

Some of you guys don't understand. You make a smurf account which you set as "home" on your Xbox and play on your MAIN profile. It's a cheapskate way to play stuff for pretty much nothing and achievements and progress is saved on your main. I don't know if that made sense. I don't care if I'm screwing any developers over. I just play for cheap since games are half baked nowadays and some are $100 at launch (Canada).

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Shiore2u653d ago Show
SurgicalMenace652d ago

Hey Teddy, if that's even your real name....😐

I, in fact, do only watch original programing on my streaming services. Here's a breakdown😁:

Atypical and Peaky Blinders
Godfather of Harlem
American God's

Outside of these things, I purchase my entertainment physically. I don't purchase as a pat on the back but because at full price the industries I support get what they've projected to receive in profitability. Hard work deserves a proper reward. Imagine your master paying you a discounted wage because it suited his motives better.

You should probably speak on what you know instead of speculating on what you have no understanding of. I am a business and profit consultant so I love to see businesses flourish to their highest potential. Discounts are fine but the wait to get them is a choir. Paying full price is giving what you'd expect to receive if it were you selling a product. Imagine having a business where people were only willing to pay you if you discount your would hate it if it were you. Hypocrite much?🤣🤣

John_McClane653d ago

Game pass has some great games and getting more all the time, well worth the money in my opinion!

JenGotGame653d ago

Same, honestly I cannot be bothered to keep canceling and looking for deals and honestly it's freaking $15/month (or $10 if you don't do ultimate) I have already spent more than that on my PS5 on SM:MM, R&C and Returnal and I have played way more games and more time on gamepass. That is not a drag on Sony, because I loved SM:MM and R&C is almost positively going to be my personal GOTY, just pointing out the value/quality gamepass offers for me.

John_McClane653d ago

Just think of all the great first party games that will be coming to game pass on day one via the Bethesda purchase! It's a good time to have an Xbox!

SurgicalMenace653d ago

I don't see why people don't see what the reality of GP really is. It is the evidence that the Xbox community is unwilling to buy their games. When you start paying attention to a the 2nd and 3rd party profit reports, you'll begin to notice the pattern that even the Switch outperforms the Xbox in selling games.

To each their own, but saying you love gaming so much that you'd prefer to force your preference to have to pay for a game upfront to temporarily allow you to access it, is absurd. Why is the Xbox lacking in the Exclusives department? Side stepping the acquisition talks and promises, it is because their community celebrates not supporting the industry with their wallets. What else could MS do besides GP? Continue to make games that no one's willing to purchase?

Godmars290653d ago

More like those praising it don't or can't see the shallowness GP represents. The temptation it gives MS, who have always had issues with game development, to not make games. Just buy popular IPs or/and their studios.

iplay1up2653d ago

This year, The Ascent, The Gunk, Horizon 5, Halo, Flight Simulator, Scorn, Elder Scrolls Online, and more are all Game Pass day 1. With Game Pass you get a discount to buy the games. Elder Scrolls Online, will be a minimum of $59.99 without Game Pass. That is 6 months of GPU.

Pickledpepper653d ago

I own all platforms and support and dev that makes a good game.
Game pass is really great value it let's me try the games BEFORE I buy the physical copy.
Just wish I could play some of the ps games before I buy them that way I'd never of brought the last of us 2 which I brought off of the greatness of the 1st game.

Father__Merrin652d ago

Gamepass your not buying any games you are just playing them but you have to keep a sub going

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Tedakin653d ago

Back 4 Blood leaked earlier today too. I hope that one is true.

Orchard653d ago

That will be huge if true. And I suspect it is - I doubt the publisher wrote that incorrectly.

Tedakin653d ago

I was definitely buying B4B. If it hits Gamepass that will be pretty awesome.

MadLad653d ago

I really enjoyed the alpha, though it needed work. That's the point of releasing an alpha though; to get feedback.

CaptainHenry916653d ago

I'll sign back up just to play Back 4 Blood. Make it happen Microsoft

Tedakin653d ago

Looks like it's happening.

SurgicalMenace653d ago

Why don't you actually pay for the game so the DEVELOPERS can benefit from it too? I've never seen so many selfish gamers in my life. If I couldn't afford to pay, I'd just stop playing to focus on being able to....

Gunstar75653d ago

Devs appear to love gamepass. The technical art guy from codemasters was positively dribbling over how brilliant it was

MadLad653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

Why do developers/publishers happily take these deals?
These businesses, both big and small - you know - those things who exist to make money and be financially viable, seem happy to take these deals.
Some even state they make more sales AFTER being put on gamepass.

How about you stop being greedy and allow these developers to make money in whatever say they see fit; and then not judge people for supporting those decisions?

SurgicalMenace653d ago

What developer wouldn't take money up front instead of risking falling short depending on gamers who don't want to support their efforts?

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