SBG: Fallout 3 review


"Each quest offers multiple methods of resolution; you could use your charisma skill to talk your way on to the next step, or you could sneak in at night and hack a computer, or you could just kill the person and steal his key to gain the same information. In fact, there are whole sections of the main quest line that could be skipped if you just went to the next location and picked up the trail of your father. How you approach is completely up to you.

Fallout 3 is based around choices, and never before has a system of choice been implemented as effectively as it has been here. Any playstyle is welcome here, and ensures no two people will experience the game the same way. Anywhere that Fallout 3 fails to get a Game of the Year award is sure to face numerous comments and letters to the editor from Gamerdom's howling denizens."

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