EA offers Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order physical owners a digital copy

Electronic Arts and developer Respawn Entertainment revealed today that the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is available now for PS5 and Xbox Series.

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Highrevz43d ago

Have to give credit where it’s due, that’s a very consumer friendly move.

Is there any examples of other companies doing this before?

Spenok43d ago

I believe Sony did it with Spiderman. Not certain, but pretty sure. And I got a free upgrade to the digital version of Avengers on PS5 with a physical PS4 version.

jBlakeeper43d ago

Sony made people pay for the remastered version of Spider-Man. A very unfriendly consumer move if you ask me BUT I bought it anyways because I love the game. When you have one developer offering a free upgrade and the other not it really does affect their consumer image.

strifeblade42d ago

So trying to make Sony look good when it's the opposite. Otherwise they will always walk over your with unfriendly consumer moves. Ugh.

Notellin42d ago

Wow why didn't you edit this comment if it's completely misleading?

Spenok42d ago

So many disagrees. Yet I am right. I just didn't specify Miles Morales over the 2018 original.

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rpgenius42043d ago (Edited 43d ago )

NBA 2K21 I didn't even have to show proof. I bought the physical mamba edition and got a free SX upgrade digitally.

Anomander43d ago

Not console-related, but I would get some of the Game of the Year editions for free on Steam when I already had the base game.

CobraKai43d ago

That’s great, but hopefully providing proof of purchase won’t be difficult. I know I don’t have a receipt from a year ago

darthv7243d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Id imagine it just verifies by inserting the disc into a series x / ps5

CobraKai42d ago

But they said they would honor those who switched to digital only consoles, but have the physical last gen media, as long as proof of purchase is provided.

Notellin42d ago

What barbaric dump did you buy the disc from? Every store in 2021 saves your receipts digitally as long as you're from the U.S.

I don't use Amazon or Walmart but I know everything is saved digitally with those two.

Best Buy and Target where I usually buy physical games always have my digital receipt even if paid in store.

Inverno43d ago

Thnx Respawn, screw EA either way. The least they could do after rushing out an obvious incomplete product

Spenok43d ago

Respawn had literally no say in this decision...

Inverno43d ago

Doesn't matter either way. EA deserves no praise for this decision either way. They know they rushed the development of this game and the game plays like it was rushed. Doing this one good thing doesn't excuse them from all their other anti consumer practices.

Seraphim43d ago

@Inverno idk. game doesn't play like it was rushed to me. I just started playing it a few nights ago after picking it up on sale recently. Granted it's your typical old, stale, slow paced combat like any other Star Wars game at it's core. I see so much potential in this game but I doubt that, given more time, Respawn would've actually hammered out the vision I see as possible. 2 cents.

Inverno43d ago

I played the same game as everyone else and enjoyed it from beginning to end. I have no problem with the game itself nor Respawn and I liked the Bloodborne feel that it had as I absolutely love Bloodborne. To say that it didn't feel rushed is just lying to yourself. Every mechanic and animation lacks polish and it shows just how rushed out it was which isn't surprising since it came out close to the movie. Even after it was last patched it is still a very buggy and glitchy overall experience.

Spenok43d ago

You must have played a different game from everyone else.


Zeref43d ago

Huh? Fallen Order was incomplete? How?

Notellin42d ago

What the hell are you talking about? The game launched in fine shape and was received well.

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Darkborn43d ago

Really cool move, but I know it's going to get abused.

Notellin42d ago

By submitting a receipt online? And them verifying your account is playing on a digital only next gen console?

Yeah this is going to get abused so badly. /s

Darkborn42d ago

Yes. If I buy a game in store, then give a friend my receipt. He gets the game for free digitally. Not really hard to understand.

MocBistro43d ago

Every physical buyers should also own the digital version, too. It's logic, and the fact that you have to buy digital copy separately is anti-consumer

TheRealTedCruz42d ago

So people can buy the game, redeem the digital edition, and then sell the physical copy?

Do you not see how this would be problematic?

MocBistro41d ago

Tie the physical copy's key to the specified hardware that activates the digital copy, it that physical copy is put in another machine, the digital copy is disabled.

Notellin42d ago

Man people would buy the disc and return it immediately or sell/give it to a friend. That system would never work.

Spenok42d ago Show
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