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Gamespot : We spent about an hour playing Ember Lab's first game, spending some time learning its fast-paced combat, exploring the world, and becoming best friends with the Rot.

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neomahi99d ago

And you STILL CANT PRE-ORDER IT! What gives Amazon and Gamestop??? Is this gonna end up a Limited Run release, or should we fear this is an online only game. What other explanation is there? You cant pre-order this and it comes out in two months.....

Magog99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

I don't think it is getting a physical release? You can preorder on psn. Ember Lab is an indie and is self publishing. Probably can't afford to print a bunch of copies.

99d ago
Teflon0297d ago

It's digital only, maybe limited run games will eventually get but unless that or sony publishes it. It's digital only

Einhander197198d ago

Digital only, that's why you can't preorder.