Metroid Prime 4 May Finally Appear Again at E3 2021

A recent Walmart leak suggests that Samus Aran may be making her grand entrance to the Switch--and Metroid Prime 4--this year at E3 2021

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ZeekQuattro106d ago

Watch the listing be for the rumored Metroid 5 game. The team that worked on Samus Returns is supposed to be working on a follow up.

Highrevz105d ago

As someone that prefers the 2D Metroid games over 3D that would be great news for me.

ZeekQuattro105d ago

Same. Hopefully it's real.

MetroidFREAK21105d ago

I've been waiting since 2002 for a Metroid 5... its time

106d ago
metalhead105d ago

Metroid Prime: Forever is a more fitting title at this point ;)

Gaming4Life1981105d ago

As a die hard metroid fan ill take anything at this point, just give us some hope of a new meteoroid game on the works.

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The story is too old to be commented.