Sony PlayStation boss Jim Ryan moves past console wars

Ryan talks PS5 shortages, mobile, the Cyberpunk delisting and more.

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darthv7248d ago

To Sony [the company], a sale is still a sale. But also to Sony [the people who monitor the goings on] it is more than that. im sure they can tell just how many are actually in use. Nearly 9m sold and not all of them are enjoying their freedom since many are being kept locked away by filthy resellers. Sony would love it if every unit sold was plugged in, online, and playing games. Sadly we know that is not the case... for now at least.

They are working on it. to those who got one, enjoy it. To those still on the front lines, fighting for one... keep at it. Reinforcements are on the way.

Spenok48d ago

I can't imagine why you have disagrees.

I love my PS5, and actively try to help friends and family get them whenever I can.

Sony absolutely knows how many are plugged in and being used. And of course they want them all being played etc. They'll get the stock issues sorted out eventually. Sadly, that's likely to be much later than everyone would like.

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Sitdown48d ago

Guess you don't realize that not everybody is online, so there are consoles in use, but not verified through online means.

Eonjay48d ago

Sony doesn't really make it's money on PS5 hardware. They want more than anyone for customers to be able to get it. They make their money through software, subscription services and platforming fees.

seanpitt2348d ago

It’s beyond daft to have console wars especially in this generation.. the consoles are so similar in terms of performance and the competition are doing different things from one another and going in totally different directions.

Let’s just choose out platform of choice or have them all if you are fortunate enough to do so and let’s enjoy this generation of gaming

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BigMalk48d ago

My partner just yesterday bought one from a scalper. Wait for it...

She asked how many he had last week, and when he said 12, she asked him how long he'd had them. Said just over a month, so she said if he'd drop it to RRP, she'd buy one, otherwise she'd look elsewhere.

Left him with that for a few days and got a reply to sell for RRP, and that he'd do it next day delivery.

Brother in law is now one PS5 better off.

darthv7248d ago

she got lucky, some scalpers wont budge on price. Or if they do, then its still at some sort of markup, but not as low as retail.

BigMalk48d ago


Can only but try.

arkard48d ago

@darth had them almost a month so probably coming up on his return window. And some retailers will watch how much you return and block you from future sales. Better this way for him to sell even for msrp instead of returning.

BigMalk48d ago


Pretend you're a woman then.

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curtain_swoosh48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

i agree with you, however this reads like you are locked away somewhere and wave your hankerchief outside of your only window to be rescued lol
so dramatic ha xD

generic-user-name48d ago

"Nearly 9m sold and not all of them are enjoying their freedom since many are being kept locked away by filthy resellers."

Many? How many? 1%?

I don't understand this idea that scalpers are hoarding PS5s. Sony are still producing them (we see this every time Miles Morales returns to no.1 in the UK charts), that means more people who want them are getting them all the time. It is not in the scalper's best interest to hoard PS5s, they will be selling them ASAP, their prices will have to reduce again and again otherwise as more people get them through legit means. I'd wager the vast majority of all PS5s sold by Sony are in the hands of gamers.

Michiel198947d ago

yeah i feel the same way. When ps4 came out and scalping wasnt such a big deal there were also massive shortages, it took me 4-5 months to get my hands on one. and i couldnt even buy one with without a bundled game.

Magog48d ago

Resellers don't hold inventory they move it as quickly as possible before the price inevitably goes down.

Saijahn47d ago

All those disagrees from ponies who think sales matter but they can't get a ps5 due to scalpers.

Sales matter *angry fist*

Christopher47d ago

I don't get why this is brought up at all since it's a common issue with both the PS5 and XSX and is completely out of their hands and retail sites with way more money invested in preventing scalping can't stop it.

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rlow148d ago

What I found telling in this interview is Sony is going mobile. Sounds very familiar. I guess the generations statement is starting to fade away. I'm wondering if they'll announce at some point, an Xbox strategy of all games, all devices, day one release?

jznrpg48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Because that’s what you want to get out of it . They’ve already stated they were going to expand into mobile . Going mobile is totally different . PS5 is not very mobile .

rlow148d ago

The bar keeps on getting moved. Cell phones today.... What's next?

Zeref48d ago

Playstation fans do not want a GamePass style service, they do not want PC gamers to play their games, they've made that very clear.

Ashunderfire8648d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Well I got news for you...Don't be surprise when you hear about Uncharted 4 coming to PC, since it's past its 3 to 4 year mark. Then Last of Us 1 and 2 to follow in the future for PC. Eventually it will be about Playstation service and Microsoft service from all devices. I rather console exclusives for all consoles, but we got to adapt to the future and consoles are becoming PCs closing the gap. Soon their will be just gaming PCs with console like prices at the starting point before upgrades, and you can prioritize these PCs to boot up to the traditional gaming screen to either Playstation, Microsoft, and what the hell Nintendo service lol!!! Or you can boot up the PC to the traditional OS screen at the start. You will be able to do this with Laptops, and expand the services with mobile apps, Tablets, and TV screens. Microsoft has already plant the seeds for this future, by calling their console Xbox One back in 2013 an all in One device. Gaming disc like Gamestop will be a thing of the past. This will happen within another 10 years for sure.

Zeref48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I don't agree or disagree with what you're saying, I'm just the messenger. Playstation games sell well enough without them being on PC or a GamePass like service.

aconnellan47d ago

“ Playstation games sell well enough without them being on PC”

Apparently Sony disagrees with you

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ocelot0747d ago


I know your taking the P with your comment. But I had a giggle at your 2080ti. Just making sure you do realise you don't need at min a 2080ti to play any gamepass game right?

A old Dell optiplx with a 3rd or 4th gen i5 and a 1650 super will most likely play any gamepass game better than a series s.

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Vizigoth0447d ago

I’m curious if PlayStation would make an app specifically for PC. Like steam or epic. Where you PC can function and operate as a PS5 but on PC. To include PSVR. And then how in depth they plan on really getting with mobile. Like specific games to run on it alone or games on PS5/PS4 severely downgraded to run on a smart phone.

Germaximus48d ago

This article reads like an advertisement.

Jim Ryan sucks and PlayStation is going to lose. It's very sad.

mike32UK48d ago

Lose in what aspect?

Market share/Sales? Nope
First part metacritic ratings? Nope
Quality and quantity of games? Nope

TheRealTedCruz48d ago

You can't confirm any of those, so.
Maybe quiet yourself for the time being.

ArthriticPowers48d ago

Quanitiny my be the one area Xbox will trump them. How many of Xbox first party title in current development do you honestly believe will fail to launch there game? Seriously it's simple maths. Quality and market share. Xbox taking over market share is completely out of the question and quality is extremely unlikely even though I expect they'll be more competitive in this space. Bethesda alone is worth considering. The launch games with bugs. But games like skyrim and fallout are testament to what their studios are capable of.

Zeref48d ago

Sony is definitely gonna lose in quantity of exclusive games.

Xbox is going to have more than double the amount of studios, by the end of the year.
It's 13 vs 23 at this moment. Not even including the multiple teams within those studios that also make games.
The mathematics are not in Sony's favor.

Quality is subjective. Metacritic is not a measurement of how much enjoyment you'll get

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vallencer47d ago


But are you ok with Sony gate keeping modes of games behind a paywall? Or exclusive third party games being timed exclusive? I honestly would rather either company just straight up own the developers then do any of the things above. Because then at least I know how and when I can get a game. In a perfect world there wouldn't be any of this crap but we don't live in a perfect world and they're both businesses.

mike32UK47d ago (Edited 47d ago )


Nor can he prove the opposite that he is claiming. The only difference is you agree with him hence why you're telling me to be quiet and nor him or both of us.

If history Is to be followed from the last 4 generations... Sony will be just fine

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curtain_swoosh48d ago

loose to what? they're doing fairly well so far.

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