GTA IV PC: New Drivers Out No/Patch Out Soon & Modding Begins

Rockstar Talks GTA IV: PC Problems
An interview with Rockstar employees, including Lead QA Arthur Chiang, Technical Director Kevin Hoare, and VP of Development Jeronimo Barrera about problems with its blockbuster action title can be found at the link below.

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Magic_The_Celt3601d ago

I Gotta say im exicted to see what the modding community does

INehalemEXI3601d ago

Indeed. I may end up getting the pc version too depending on how sweet the mods are.

killalot1003601d ago

i cant seem to get the game to install. the game needs to check online if you have a legal copy but the thing is that the server that does the checking has been down all day and its getting annoying. this is another big con for pc gamers.

Reshun3601d ago

Pedestrians = zombie mod... something like that

like a GTA + L4D

ThatArtGuy3601d ago

If they make a Vice City mod, I'm in.