Elden Ring Will Offer Free Next-Gen Upgrades

For those planning on buying the last-gen versions of Elden Ring, we got good news as the Elden Ring next gen upgrades will be free.

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bradfh13d ago

That is what a good company that like it's fans does.
can't wait to play.

excaliburps13d ago

Kind of want to know who calls the shots for these. Like, publishers obviously but why and when? I gather, it's when they can? I understand (kind of) Battlefield 2042 doing this since the next-gen version is waaaay better than current-gen, and has more players, etc.

But for simpler, jazzed up frame rates and whatnot? Why charge for it? Extra money sure, but does it warrant it? Not a dev so I don't know.

bradfh13d ago

Publishers buys the company's development team that doesn't have much money to start game or finsh and market team takes all the profit without giving a penny to development team that make the company in the first place. the original team leaves and new people take on the work but never the same. activision-blizzard and ea are big on this.

Publishers that are giving money to development teams without taking over the company makes better games for us all.

Duke1913d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I wonder if that means the PS4/XboxOne versions will be $70? Or will the PS5/XSX versions of the game be $60?

Nitrowolf213d ago

i bet $60 tbh
i think the only cross gen games to be $70 are the ones without free upgrades?

medman13d ago

I like where they're going with this.

CrimsonWing6913d ago

Soooo don't buy the PS5 version and I can get 2 games for a cheaper price than just buying the PS5 version? Got it!

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