Back 4 Blood Beta Starts August 5, New Trailer Released

Prepare to shoot some monsters up and dive into a new world from the makers of the Left 4 Dead series.

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Fntastic12d ago

The Alpha left me wanting. And the automatic flashlight that i heard about tells me there won't be any dim/dark areas in the game unless the level loads night time mode. This IMO is a really stupid decision and it makes me think the game is consolized somewhat, probably because there's not enough buttons on a controller for everything if they had a manual flashlight.

excaliburps12d ago

Haven't tried the alpha but had a ton of fun with L4D, so excited for this because it's being made by the same studio. Hopefully, it's not riddled with MTX.

Fntastic11d ago

Cross platform play has apparently been confirmed, I'm not really sure about this as i now think the game may be dumbed down difficulty wise for PC players using keyboard and mouse. Plus it would explain the flashlight thing.

Oh well I'll see how it goes.

11d ago