Elden Ring for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, & PC Gets New Screenshots; Looks Spectacular

Following today's reveal FromSoftware and Bandai Namco sent in a press release with a large batch of new screenshots of Elden Ring.

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XxINFERNUSxX13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

PC as always FTW. If you want the best version you know where to go 😁🎮. But I'm more interested in running a game with FPS in the 100's or more with everything turned up to 11, then to settle for 60FPS @ 4K. Even 1440p would take a pretty big hit. I just love everything maxed @ 1080p 240hz GSYNC, it's just so smooth and feels so much better. That might change by the end of this year as I might look into a 1440p 240hz g-sync compatible monitor. My RTX 3070 can handle it but I'm looking for a bigger upgrade if it will be possible towards the end of this year, this GPU crisis looks like there is no end in sight.

Father__Merrin13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

all versions will play the same. most will be playing on consoles anyways. game looks interesting a coop more open area dark souls mabey? i didnt see any shields mabey more like bloodbourne

nitus1013d ago

Eldon Ring like many games developed by "FromSoftware Inc" (ie: "King's Field" all the way to "Dark Souls 3" and "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice") is going to be a challenging (this is subjective) game. Personally I do hope there will be considerably more randomness in the new game.

Of course you don't really appreciate enemy randomness in a game until you replay the game.

blacktiger12d ago

wrong, PC version is always superior. PS5 2nd year will be old for PC. While PC have new version hardware every 6 month.

neutralgamer199213d ago

Pc master race is the reason behind your comment? Seriously more power to you enjoy it on whatever platform you prefer. It's on last generation and current game consoles too so everyone can enjoy it

VerminSC13d ago

It’s funny you say this because souls games have been notoriously poorly optimized for PC in the past

Bladesfist13d ago

Hopefully that's a thing of the past, Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro were really well done.

medman13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Funny how the goal posts keep moving with this crowd....for awhile, they couldn't play games if they weren't 60 hz. Now they've moved the sticks and can't enjoy games unless they're 120 hz. Surprised this one didn't say 144 hz. Next the games will all be junk unless they are 240. After that they won't be satisfied unless it's 10,000 hz. Never you mind that the actual game they are playing is complete trash, and their eyeballs can't keep up with the motion on screen. You have to chuckle.....

EazyC13d ago

Hm on the balance of things -- 60hz, yeah fair enough. Anything beyond that is just icing on the cake....

Father__Merrin12d ago

60htz hurts thier eyes now. In the light of class leading visuals like ratchet etc pc don't talk about graphics anymore thye say its all about the frame rate. You have to laugh at them

jznrpg13d ago

Good for you? I won’t be thinking of PC at all when playing this on PS5 . I’m going to buy a prebuilt rig for Samurai Simulator if it doesn’t come to PS5 as I can’t find a 3080 or 3070 to build my own but I like to collect games and PC games aren’t worth collecting so I always go PS first if I have the option. PC is cool and all but I like the stability of consoles , the PS controller and it’s a one time investment Plus I like physical games .they both have their pros and cons but I prefer console these days .

Fluttershy7713d ago

PC is great. But remember what made FromSoft probably the greatest studio from the last decade: a console exclusive.
I think Consoles are the place for AAA experimentation.

Imalwaysright13d ago

A console exclusive that they made so it's actually their talent that got them where they are and they could have easily have made Demon's Souls on PC so what in the hell are you even talking about?

Sunny1234513d ago

"Pc as always ftw" ? Did you even check which games won the most awards, and were highest on metacritic In the past decade? Its clearly playstation ftw.

Moreover you wana compare Pc with ps5, fine make a 400usd Pc and then compare it with ps5, you will be lucky if you can run it on 30 frames at 1080p. A 3070 build at retail is easily 5 times more expensive than a ps5.

northpaws13d ago


I feel sad for people like you, have to constantly bragging about your fps to feel superior. I hope you don't reply on your computer's spec to give yourself a false sense of success.

I will continue to enjoy 100% of my "inferior" version on my PS5, thanks.

F0XH0UND92213d ago

You are a fragile, fragile little man

Babadook713d ago

It’s been a hard 12 months for pc, so glad you’re still keeping your head above water guy.

Imalwaysright13d ago


Look at what you've done just by stating your preferences. I feel like I've entered some sort of N4g inferiority complex archive and it's quite a fascinating experience.

andy8512d ago

What an embarrassing comment

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13d ago
MazeRunner13d ago

Happy for the people that like souls games but its a hard pass for me. Looks awesome. Hope they use that engine for an open world rpg in the future

13d ago
Greg280113d ago

Elden Ring is an open world rpg actually

MazeRunner12d ago

with souls like gameplay. not my cup of tea. but im not gonna lie i will watch twitch players get a crack at it

whitbyfox13d ago

Can’t wait to platinum this From beauty like the rest.

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