Former Call of Duty Devs Form “Deviation Games,” and Working With PlayStation

Former Treyarch Game Director Dave Anthony, and Co-Studio Head Jason Blundell announced that they have formed "Deviation Games," and working with Sony.

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dinodash1101612d ago

The devs behind COD and most of them worked on Nazi ZOmbies.. This could be HUGE these guys know how to make hype and Easter Eggs

excaliburps12d ago

Yep. Imagine if they are tasked to bring back Resistance, Killzone, or even MAG. I mean, that's a stretch but imagine, right?

XbladeTeddy12d ago

Why would they be tasked to do that when Insomniac are the devs of the Resistance series and are more than capable of handling it if they ever made a new one.

dinodash1101612d ago

They are FPS vets sooo im sure thier next game is going to be something with shooting lol

Father__Merrin12d ago

there a 100 strong group i wonder what they are working on though

12d ago
LiViNgLeGaCY12d ago

Oh wow, seriously? I hadn't realized that. This sounds promising already!

nickanasty20612d ago

Honestly, a proper name for a studio that wants to get away from re-skinning the same game each year.

EazyC12d ago

Great, there aren't enough independent AND AAA developers anymore

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The story is too old to be commented.