Elden Ring Release Date & Trailer Revealed at Summer Games Fest 2021

Elden Ring is coming!

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CaptainHenry916718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

Looks incredible! Take my money! My PC is ready!!!!!! Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring is my most anticipated action RPG games! This looks like Bloodbourne and Dark Souls

Sonic-and-Crash718d ago

looks like a Dark Souls 2 DLC for next gen ....didnt excite me so much to be honest .....i m more hyped by Kojima

CaptainHenry916718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

Yea the only problem is that it's cross gen. The PS4/Xbox One and Series S is going to hold it back from it's true potential

Sonic-and-Crash718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

@Captain thing is for sure ...that Bloodborne/Sekiro team isnt behind ER development ....would have completely different look/ atmosphere if it was....probably Miyazaki made it with the 2nd -Dark Souls team , that why has very similar look to DS2 ....and probably (i make a prediction lol ) BB/Sekiro team is preparing smthing else

Fluttershy77718d ago

It doesn't look like DkS 2 (original or DLC) but definitely seems a souls like game, there's even a summon... Man, no one does Dark Phantasy like FromSoft... They are at the top of their game

oldenjon717d ago (Edited 717d ago )

Elden Ring was always slated to be a Dark Souls spiritual successor. Miyazaki said that in several ways. The graphics are held back by last gen, but there will be next gen upgrades and honestly FROM trailers are never very impressive in terms of graphics. The game will look better in motion, and honestly looks pretty f'in good in screenshots and gifs. The art direction is unmatched.

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-Foxtrot718d ago

This is how you do it

You announce a game and you don’t show it off again until near to launch (under a year)

Looks great

UnSelf718d ago

meh. looks like another Roll To Dodge Every and Any Attack game

ill wait for Sekiro 2. A real challenge

seanpitt23718d ago

Damn next year… I thought and expected late this year, let’s hope it doesn’t get delayed

specialguest718d ago

I haven't been hyped for a game in a while and this did it for me. I'm currently playing Demon's Souls remake on the PS5, but I've been primarily a PC gamer. I have to decide whether to get the PC version or the PS5 version by the time it releases

CaptainHenry916718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

This is one of my most anticipated game. The other two is Horizon Forbidden West and Starfield. But Starfield just got leaked and it will be at Microsoft press conference but won't release until late 2022 from the leaked and rumor

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Agent75717d ago

But when does a game not look incredible due to console/PC power? What’s original about this game? Another game banging the same drum. Wait until it’s £20/$20.

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Double_O_Revan718d ago

Looks fantastic! Good for Keighley. That's a big get for his show.

robtion718d ago

Looks like Dark Souls 4 and I am fine with that.

The graphics don't look much different to Dark Souls 3 though. I may have been spoilt by the Demon's souls remake.

Vegamyster718d ago

Say what you want about Geoff but he’s busted his ass for years, good on him.

Double_O_Revan718d ago

Agreed. I like the guy. I don't even understand why people hate on him so much. He's done a lot of good for the industry. Even the Game Awards have evolved into a decent show that also doubles as a semi E3. I feel like he cares.

deleted717d ago

For sure. I think many of us oldschool G4 TV viewers like to see his rise of career after the channel shut down.

GaboonViper718d ago

I'm screaming right now, take my damn money, those bosses look great.

GaboonViper718d ago

When that red lightning struck that dragon.......OMG jaw on floor.

Sunny12345718d ago

From software never disappoints. Looking forward to this one. Really excited.