The hardcore ARPG platformer “Salt and Sacrifice” is coming to PC and the PS5 in Q1 2022

"Devoured Studios and Ska Studios are today very happy and proud to announce that the hardcore ARPG platformer "Salt and Sacrifice" (the next installment in the million-plus selling Dark souls-like platformer Salt and Sanctuary series ) is coming to PC and the PS5 in Q1 2022." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

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Gravity_DoGG12d ago

This was the most hype announcement for me through the whole show. Got goosebumps when Shuhei mentioned Salt & Sanctuary because i knew what would come next. Cant wait.

Nacho_Z12d ago

There aren't many day ones for me but this is one of them. I loved the first game.

fitofficial12d ago

Hell yeah! Salt and Sanctuary is an amazing game. Great news!