Death Stranding Director’s Cut Coming to PS5, Reveal Trailer Out

At Summer Game Fest, Hideo Kojima has taken the (virtual) stage to tease Death Stranding Director's Cut for the PS5.

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Aloymetal13d ago

Loved this game and went for the plat and I'm planning to do the same for this one on PS5, bring it!

robtion13d ago

Hopefully it is a free upgrade for PS4 DS owners.

CrimsonWing6913d ago

It's a Director's Cut though and seeing as the original didn't sell as much this might be a double-dip sort of tactic to make up for not reaching the desired sales.

This won't be a free update.

ocelot0713d ago


According to that it was a sales success for Sony. Double dip tactic also does not make any sense. When it released in 2019 there where about 90+ PS4 potential customers but your saying it sold poorly. So would why they release the ps5 with only 8+ million customers and hope to be a sales success?

CrimsonWing6913d ago (Edited 13d ago )

This is a quote from your article you linked:

“While the “acclaim” part is certainly true going by critical reception, the other titles have sold upwards of 10 million copies since release. If Death Stranding were in the same category, it would surely have been promoted as such by Sony. Director Hideo Kojima stated in May 2020 that the game was profitable but also didn’t indicate that it had sold millions of copies. Until Sony confirms as much, it’s best to take this revelation with a grain of salt.”

I have not seen any sales figures being touted like Sony has for their best sellers. There’s also a number of articles like these:


This was the NPDs:

#7 for November 2019

Didn’t even make the top 20 the very next month.

As for the double dip, think about it. You want to make more sales off a release. Remastering doesn’t take a lot and I’m not sure what’s all additional content, but I doubt it’s anything substantially expensive to create. Then you sell the game at full price for next-gen.

Maybe it can do what Tomb Raider Definitive Edition did. Tomb Raider originally sold like 5 million and was considered a failure and then the Definitive Edition came out (Remaster) and made up the sales. That was a double-dip.

DarkZane13d ago

I hope this get 60fps, I would get it again if it does. Otherwise, I don't see the point.

VersusDMC13d ago

100% there is a 60fps mode.

LucasRuinedChildhood13d ago

Hope they confirm some sort of upgrade path for this.

StoneyYoshi13d ago

I feel that this will either be a free upgrade to current owners or it will be like FF7 Integrade DLC with the performance upgrade being free.

Snakeeater2513d ago

It don’t need 60fps the game is soo slow It wont change a thing

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moriarty188913d ago

very nice. this and TLOU being remade for PS5 are two great games indeed.

StoneyYoshi13d ago

I thought the same thing at one point but i was thinking that if they add TLOU2 mechanics, it would make the experience much much better if they aren't just doing a re-skin of the game.

AmUnRa12d ago

You are very bad at trolling so yeah better keep sleeping.

waverider13d ago

Kojima is amazing. Just wish he would another mgs and zone of enders, but he cant....

Yui_Suzumiya13d ago

Snatcher sequel also.. been waiting since 1994 for that!

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