Xbox Says it's Working on New Hardware, and Insists Consoles are its 'Flagship Experience'

Despite announcing a number of upcoming ways to play Xbox without a console or PC, a Microsoft exec insists that Xbox consoles remain its "flagship experience" – and says work has already begun on "new hardware and platforms."

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CaptainHenry91652d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Interesting. Microsoft is going to have lot's of different hardware to play Xbox game's. Hopefully the games is not held back by inferior hardware.

DJStotty52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I don't think it will (much) they seem to have very good programmers to get games scaled correctly.

I see in the future different tiers of options :-

Traditional power console - top end features/graphics
Entry console - Mid range features/graphics
Streaming devices, TV's/mobile etc - Low end features/graphics

Something for all gamer types across the world.

jznrpg52d ago

How can you say they have good programmers to scale? What’s released since both consoles came out ?? The Medium is a timed exclusive game ???

Tacoboto52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Streaming devices it seem will be getting the high-end - Microsoft's upgrading XCloud server blades to Series X hardware

(jzn - it's impossible to doubt the technical skill from devs like The Coalition, Playground, and Turn10. 343 especially for everything they did for Halo MCC throughout 2020 PC and Console. Say what you will about "exclusives" but 343, PG, Coalition, Ninja Theory, and Rare all already have titles Optimized for Series X and some of those are even 120fps)

medman52d ago

As they say, jack of all trades, master of none.

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Obscure_Observer52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Lol. Very disappointing news for those expecting MS to leave the console market. XD

ScootaKuH52d ago

They'll strongarm their way to the top and won't stop until they do

JenGotGame52d ago

Wonder why this will hold back xbox, but most PC games supporting 960s and PC being developed alongside console doesn't?

MetalProxy52d ago

It’s exciting news for people that want to buy their never ending cycle consoles instead of games to play

RosweeSon52d ago

Even worse news for those gullible enough to think games were arriving any time soon 🤣🤣

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itsmebryan52d ago

The games should scale like on PC.

CaptainHenry91652d ago


Will it happen? I doubt it

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FlavorLav0151d ago

Not all PCs use SSDs to design their game. Some systems with exclusives will. Therefore I could easily see true next gen titles that don’t scale to PC exactly like some think it will. Xbox is pinning themselves to the lowest common denominator of PC by making all their games scalable. Have fun with games made to work for HDD this whole generation.

Knushwood Butt52d ago

Just invested in Series S/X?

Waiting to hear about new games?

Well, Microsoft is here to tell you they are working on new hardware.

darthv7251d ago (Edited 51d ago )

You do realize that Sony is doing the same thing, right?

Wintersun61651d ago

Out of all people I'm one of the worst Sony fanboys out here. But even I know that's just stupid. Do you really think, that the game developers are the same people who work on new hardware??? Are you stupid or something?

Knushwood Butt50d ago

@ darth

Of course, but now is not the time to talk about new hardware when they don't have release dates for games on the current hardware.

InUrFoxHole51d ago

🤣! You have already been saying all these new games are being held back by ps4 and Xbox one... kindly secure your fake concern.

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jznrpg52d ago

Uh huh . One more gen is my prediction


Funny, I don't recall seeing any "Playstation will abandon consoles and will strictly be a service" when the PS NOW app was on Sony Bravia TVs.

But when Microsoft does the same thing, the narrative is "One more gen"

You can't make this up 🤣

John_McClane52d ago

It didn't fit the PS fanboys narrative.

enkiduxiv52d ago

Sony is actually successful though.

John_McClane52d ago

A lot of folks with Xbox derangement syndrome here.

ScootaKuH52d ago

Sony aren't pushing a "gamepass and streaming is the future" narrative though. The Microsoft vision of the future of the games industry is games as a service and not as a tangible physical hardware. They want a future similar to Stadia, once the technology has matured.

Father__Merrin52d ago

Xbox is on its way out and ratchet has better graphics than any xbox game.

InUrFoxHole51d ago

Merrin is salty AF right now! Rachel will look better when it hits pc. Better save up your allowance now. Good rigs aren't cheap kiddo.

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chiefJohn11752d ago

Lol Last gen was supposed to be the last then this gen, now next gen? 🤣

Obscure_Observer52d ago

"Lol Last gen was supposed to be the last then this gen, now next gen? 🤣"

I know right? It´s comedy gold by now. XD

medman52d ago

People have been saying "one more gen" for 3 generations now. I guess eventually ya'll will get it right.

Chris1252d ago

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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Lore52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

They will say whatever they need to say in order to keep fans optimistic in the interim.

343_Guilty_Spark52d ago

Do you think Xbox players are just sitting twiddling their thumbs? They are playing games,

neutralgamer199252d ago

Sure they are playing games that can be played on other platforms. When it comes to exclusives Xbox isn't even on the same level as Nintendo and Sony. There is a reason "wait for next E3" and "wait till next year" are both memes by now. Since end of Xbox 360 till now Xbox exclusives have gone down not up. And even the last few years of xbox360 were light on AAA exclusives it came to exclusives

twiddling their thumbs

No but Xbox fans are so easy to please because all Phil has to do is talk a big game about waiting till next year and they get super excited

Hopefully now we more than 20 studios that changes and we do get some quality blockbusters AAA games that are competing got GOTY awards.

chadwarden52d ago

They are twiddling their thumbs. Over 600 days since the last major AAA 1st party game

Lore52d ago

Did I say they are just sitting twiddling their thumbs? All I was emphasizing was the fact that PR is going to say whatever they need to say to spin the narrative in their favor. Even though they have internal plans to move on from consoles in the future it serves no purpose to mention it now.

zacfoldor52d ago

Yeah, but the thing is when you ask them to list those games, it is usually a pretty sad list.

343_Guilty_Spark52d ago

A sad list to Xbox gamers or PlayStation gamers...cause the ones always whining seem to be the latter.

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SpineSaw52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Yes! "Wait till E3" has without fail worked for years for Microsoft. But when BS words keep making you millions why change? Microsoft has users, customers, fans whatever you want to call them that will forever give them a free pass no matter the issue they are the most loyal people on the planet. Microsoft calls them dogs because like a dog you can beat them to an inch of their life and the next day their your best friend.

Magog52d ago

The next series console will be an all digital series X variant. You can bank on it.

franwex52d ago

Not sure why you got down votes. I think it’s possible for them to do that in the future.

The pro version of the Xbox series x and digital version of the series x.

Phew, had to think about that one.

darthv7251d ago

There are likey to be two series revisions. A upgraded digital version and an upgraded disc version. I predict the current "S" will be rebranded as the "E" and a new S will come out with increased internal storage (1tb) and memory 12gb). The current "X" will remain the same but there will be a upgraded one called the "Y" and it will also have increased storage (2tb) and [maybe] memory (24gb).

Paleblood52d ago

Seems contradictory with their previous statement. Looks like they just want to do every way possible even if it clashes with a console focus strategy.